PERENNIAL SERIES: Featuring Winter Hardy Hibiscus!

Winter Hardy Hibiscus
available now!
With beautiful large flowers, hibiscus is a
guaranteed conversation starter.

At your next get together everyone will ask
"What are those huge flowers in your garden? They are Amazing!"

Hibiscus can be placed almost anywhere, but fit in especially great in the backyard where you spend a lot of leisure time, we hope. Why? They have the look of a tropical paradise yet are so hardy they can withstand winter temperatures as low as 20 degrees BELOW zero.

Plant now and you and your guests will enjoy
blooms for weeks to come.
Winter Hardy Hibiscus
Hardiness Zone

Light Requirements

Soil Conditions

4 - 9

Full Sun to Partial Shade

Prefers Moist Soils
Tolerates Wet Areas with Poor Drainage
Attracts Butterflies and Hummingbirds
Deer Resistant
Blooms for Many Weeks
Drought tolerant
It is recommended that winter hardy hibiscus varieties are cut back in the spring.
Winter Hardy Hibiscus at Bountiful Gardens
The following varieties are in stock now.
Visit the store soon and choose your favorites.
We are selling out quick!
'Vintage Wine'
With scarlet-red color and darker red eye, the Vintage Wine Hibiscus flower will grow up to 7 inches in diameter and bloom continuously from summer to fall. It typically grows up to 4 feet high and 5 feet wide.
Great in borders and large containers.

'Airbrush Effect'
8 to 8 1/2 inch vibrant pink flowers with salmon tones have an airbrushed central white halo and a dark red eye. Overlapping petals create a three dimensional look to the flowers. Rich, dark green foliage forms a compact habit. Lots of flower buds translate to a long season of blooms.

'Ballet Slippers'
Huge 7 inch wide, ruffled flowers are white with a deep red eye. Blush pink color appears on edges of the pedals, creating a pinwheel effect. Attractive, bright green leaves form a polished, upright habit with an extremely high bud count.

'Cherry Choco Latte'
Very large, 8 to 9 inch 3-dimensional flowers are white with intense deep pink veining and a notable large red eye. Attractive dark olive green foliage has bronze highlights.

'Cranberry Crush'
Near-black buds open to glossy, deep scarlet red, 7 to 8 inch flowers at each node up the stems for several months. Deep green, leathery, maple-like leaves with purple overtones.

'Midnight Marvel'
Absolutely stunning with a deep wine-purple maple-like foliage and scarlet-red 8 to 9 inch flowers.

'Mocha Moon'
A great combination of dark foliage and white flowers. Huge 7 to 8 inch, slightly cupped pure white flowers have a scarlet red eye. Bright lime green calyxes contract nicely with deep bronze-green foliage.

'Perfect Storm'
Everything you would want in an hibiscus; awesome compact habit, huge flowers, and dark foliage. About half the size of summer storm. 7 to 8 inch wide white flowers are edged with white pink, with a bright red eye that radiates out with the veins.

This shorter option reaches only 3 feet in height.

'Plum Fantasy'
Lipstick red buds open to very large 8 to 9 inch, vibrant magenta red flowers with a deeper red eye and red stamens. The texture of the flower petals is very unique compared to other hibiscus - they are distinctly puckered and crinkled, giving them added dimension.

'Starry Starry Night'
Stunning flowers with the darkest foliage to date makes this hibiscus a must-have. Near-black, broad, maple-like leaves. Interesting 7 to 8 inch, pale pink flowers have darker pink speckling and veining. Brint green calyxes contract with dark foliage.

'Summer in Paradise'
Huge 7-8 inch hot cerise-red flowers. Medium green, maple-like leaves are accented by olive green edges.


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