Ditch the Mums; Keep Summer Blooming All Fall!

It's the perfect time to plant annuals!
They are full of blooms!
Late Summer into Fall is the best time to have annuals in your containers and your garden beds. Anywhere you have some open space.
People come into Bountiful Gardens in August every year looking to rush away the rest of Summer and plant mums.
Why? We always wonder.
If you have space in the garden now, plant Annuals that feed butterflies and bees and all the other pollinators. Annuals in the smallest space, even a pot on a deck will provide a steady supply of blooms all the way up until frost when blossoms start to become scarce. These blooms are a great source of nectar for backyard pollinators. Offering a variety of annuals that bloom continuously keeps your yard a refuge for these creatures that perform such an important function in our world!
Bountiful Gardens is very different from other garden centers because we do not rush the season and move on to Fall when Summer flowering is peaking! While all other garden centers finished their annual programs, we are in full swing!
Did you know Annuals bloom longer into Fall than the early flowering mums bloom? So why are people interested in them? It is because it's forced on to the public so they start buying other fall decorations like scarecrows and pumpkin decor.

Our advice...... don't fall into the trap!

Enjoy summer and enjoy watching all those butterflies feeding in your yard that have just recently emerged.
Our Late Summer Recommendations
All of these are availe NOW at our Ewing and Hillsborough locations!
Verbena bonarensis
Cuphea 'Vermillionaire‎'
Cuphea 'firecracker'


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