HELIOPSIS: Endless Summer!

A relative of the sunflowers, Heliopsis produces a profusion of bright yellow flowers all summer long! Excellent for problem clay soils, it grows in any reasonably fertile soil and thrives in moist, heavy soils.
Heliopsis 'Summer Nights'‎ is one of our favorites at Bountiful Gardens.
It is a stunning native selection with outstanding wildlife benefits. 
Oxeye daisy seed is a prime source of food for songbirds in winter. Thismid-summer bloomer is beautiful with its deep golden yellow flowers with mahogany centers topping dark red stems and red-tinged foliage. It is prized for it's profuse and lengthy mid-to late-summer bloom. They will brighten up any border. Mass in borders or cutting gardens.
Prefers moist, well-drained soil in full sun, but can tolerate drought and some shade. Remove old flower heads the first six weeks plants are blooming to prolong bloom. After that, let flowers go to seed so birds and other creatures can eat the seed. Leave the stems standing in winter to provide homes for beneficial insects.
Plant heliopsis now !
Available for purchase at our Ewing and Hillsborough locations!
Simply Stunning!


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