Keep your friends close and your ANEMONES closer!

Add some brilliant color to your garden in the fall with Anemones! Plus, they are deer resistant!
Late summer and early fall often present the most challenges to gardeners as summer-bloomers start to fade and fall bloomers haven't quite reached their best bloom. Fall-blooming anemones, commonly called Japanese Anemones or Windflowers, are fabulous perennials, making this transition to fall much more beautiful!
With one of the longest blooming seasons, up to 6-8 weeks, anemones add brilliant color to the landscape when many other perennials begin to fade. Well suited for borders, cottage gardens, coastal gardens or naturalized areas.
Anemones have a clumping habit and spread by root rhizomes once established in the garden. The naturally form colonies and quickly fill those holes in your landscaping. But don't worry about over crowding; their sprouts are a breeze to remove if necessary.
Full or part sun lovers, they enjoy rich, humusy, well drained environments. Don't let the soil dry out and provide some wind protection to help these beauties thrive! Though they appear delicate, these long-lived perennials can survive with minimal maintenance, once they are established. They have a strong resistance to most insects and disease, are deer resistant and salt tolerant.
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