MOUNTAIN LAUREL: A flowering shade evergreen!

A flowering evergreen that loves shade! Laurels are a great addition to your woodland garden!
Broadleaf evergreens, mountain laurels are a multi-stemmed shrubs that bear glossy, deep-green leaves that are attractive in all seasons. But it is the shrubs' spring or summer flower display that makes them a special part of the woodlands to which they are native in the eastern part of North America. 
In addition to their distinctive appearance, the flowers have an unusual way of dispensing pollen. The stamens are arched, their tips held under pressure by the rim at the top of the flower petals. When a bee or other pollinator lands on the flower, the weight of the insect releases the stamen, which flings its load of pollen up like a tiny catapult.
For our typical clay soil, you'll want to create a nurturing environment for mountain laurel by improving drainage and nutrient content with organic matter such as compost. This shrub needs its shallow roots to stay cool, so make sure to mulch and keep your plant well-watered, especially during very hot, dry weather. An organic fertilizer like Holly-Tone, which is formulated for acid-loving plants, can be applied in the spring to enhance flower production.
Mulching will help retain some of that moisture the plants need. The mulch will also keep the soil cool, which mountain laurels like. Pine needles and wood chips can both make for excellent mulches. Whichever kind of mulch you use, apply a 2 to 6 inch layer. 
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