TOAD LILY: A Whimsical Shade Plant!

Looking for an interesting late summer addition to your shade garden?
The Toad Lily is here to help!
Tricyrtis are Exotic, orchid-like flowers that bloom profusely in the shade and theyattract Butterflies and are DEER RESISTANT!! Perfect for a moist woody spot, Tricyrtis bloom when many other shade lovers are long done. Their flowers sparklelate summer and early fall when most other plants are finished blooming. They Combine well with Hosta and Ferns. 
Tricyrtis formosana, commonly called toad lily, is an herbaceous shade-loving perennial of the lily family that typically grows in a spreading clump to 2-3' tall. Flowers bloom in branched clusters (cymes) primarily at the stem ends but also in the upper leaf axils in late summer to early fall. Flowers are white with heavy reddish-purple spotting and yellowish throats.
It is a shade-loving perennial. Great for Borders, woodland gardens, shade gardens or naturalized areas. Best sited in areas where they can be observed at close rangebecause the beauty and detail of the small flowers tends to get lost if plants can not be examined and appreciated close up. It is a Good cut flower.
Broad , shiny, attractive dark green leaves (to 4-6" long) have parallel veins, hairy undersides and clasping leaf bases. Leaves generally remain attractive throughout the growing season.
Toad lily plants require little garden maintenance, but the most important factor to consider is water. These plants are native to the edges of woodlands and around creeks, performing best in rich, moist, well-drained soils. If your soils are too dry and heavy, consider adding peat moss and compost to your garden beds before planting. This will add nutrients as well as increase the water-holding capacity, creating a better home for toad lilies.
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