DIY: Household Succulent Planters!

Creative Succulent Planters
Succulents are so popular right now, coming in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. There are so many different ways to use succulents and tailor them to your home! You can used just about anything around your house to make a beautiful and one-of-a-kind succulent planter! Let's get creative!

Wine Glasses

Calling all wine lovers!! These adorable succulent containers can be done right inside one of your old wine glasses! Just choose small succulents and embellish the glass with stones or even an old wine cork!

Mason Jars

A succulent mason jar terrarium will look gorgeous in your home and they make a great gift! Layer a clear mason jar with sand, rocks, shells, moss, or whatever you like! Then add your chosen succulents to the top of the jar and you're done!

You can even paint your mason jars to go along with the decor in your home like in the picture above!

Tea Cups

These little teacups are so easy to make! Just a little soil and moss (optional) is all you need to plant your succulent for an adorable look!

Look at how cute these tea cups look on the kitchen windowsill! 

Tin Cans

Don't toss your tin cans....turn them into an adorable succulent planter! You can polish them up and leave them their plain color, paint them, or cover them in material like burlap for a fancier look!


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