TIPS: For Adding A Garden Fountain!

Tips for Adding a Garden Fountain

If you love the sounds of streams or trickling water, fountains are a great way to emulate that sound in your home and garden! Few things bring that calm, relaxing feeling like the sound of gentle running water. Fountains harness water's therapeutic benefits and bring a gorgeous addition to your landscape!

How To Prepare Your Yard

Prepare the spot where you would like your fountain to of before bringing it home!

Plan for water: You will have to refill your fountain with water occasionally, depending on its size. Make are you have access to a spigot, which makes refilling a little easier!

Make a footing: Water wont flow properly from a fountain that isn't level and you can't expect it to stay level if you just put it on any patch of turf. Make sure the ground is level wherever you want to put it!


There is a fountain for every kind of yard! Selecting the proper spot for yours is important.

Accent: Tuck a gently bubbling urn into a planting bed to attract pollinators. Place it slightly taller than the plants surrounding it to make it more visible from other parts of the yard.
Centerpiece: Large fountains are hard to miss from anywhere in the yard. A traditional multi-teared fountain is great for a formal design and larger properties with maybe intersecting pathways it can be placed in the middle of. 
Destination: Use a fountain as the focal point of a gathering place, for example, in the far corner of your yard. Create a small, winding path to its location to encourage people to discover it. Add some chairs and garden planters and you have a great relaxing, hideaway space.

Light Up Your Yard

Illuminate the water that comes out of your fountain with a blast of light by upgrading it with an LED fixture! Adding light to the water extends the time that you will be able to enjoy your fountain in those spring and summer nights when you're enjoying a night outside. 

Upkeep and Maintenance

Fountains are generally easy to maintain but you can stay ahead of common upkeep issues that may arise with your fountain fixtures with these few tips! Keep them filled with debris-free water during season so the pump doesn't burn out. 

Leaves: When deciding where to place your fountain in your yard, consider the location near deciduous trees because of the leaves that will fall off in autumn. Remove them from your fountain before they settle inside the lowest tier where the pump can suck them in and potentially clog the fountain. 

Freezing water: Before the first frost, drain and vacuum the basins and bring the pump indoors. You don't want water to freeze inside your fountain, potentially harming the structure as a whole.

Water Evaporation: Water will evaporate faster in smaller fountains versus the larger ones, so make sure you're checking the water level after a full 8 hours of use.


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