HOW TO: Preserve Your Magnolia Leaves

Preserve Your Magnolia Leaves
Magnolia leaves are such a gorgeous part of the holiday season! They make a wonderful filler and background for wreaths, swags, container arrangements, and centerpieces. Magnolia leaves provide a gorgeous glossy finish to our holiday decorating and we want to make them last! Here are some ways you can preserve your magnolia leaves to make the most wonderful time of the year last as long as possible!
What You Need
Your Magnolia Leaves

What To Do

In a bowl or container, add 1 part glycerin and two parts water.

Stir the mixture and place the leaves inside, making sure not to overlap them.

Lay something over the leaves (like another container or a plate) on top of the leaves so you keep them submerged in the mixture.

Leave them for 3-4 days, then pat them dry with paper towels.

*NOTE: You can still use this same technique to preserve your branches with the leaves still on them! Just cut off the ends of the braches, then lightly hammer each end of the stems until the veins are showing. Put the branches in the mixture and let them sit for about a month, making sure to keep them out of direct sunlight!

Taking these steps will prolong the beauty of your magnolia leaves! 

Ideas At Bountiful Gardens

Here at Bountiful Gardens we have all the magnolia that you need to decorate your home for the holidays! Here's what we have in store at our Chester, Hillsborough, and Ewing locations. 

Magnolia Wreaths

Made to order, magnolia wreaths are perfect for those who may not like the traditional red ribbons and glass balls on their wreaths. Magnolia wreaths add a beautiful, natural texture and feel to any home, while still looking festive!

Magnolia Bunches

Magnolia bunches are used to add to container arrangements, center pieces, and even wreaths! The leaves add a gorgeous texture against the evergreens typically used in planters and wreaths. Take a look at some of the planters and wreaths that Bountiful Gardens has made by adding magnolia bunches!

Magnolia Garland
Here at Bountiful Gardens, we also offer holiday decorating! If magnolia garland is something that you're interested in, we can order it and even install it in your home! Whether you like a full magnolia leaf garland, or a mixture of magnolia leaf, cedar, and pinecones like in the picture above, both add a unique holiday look to any home!


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