Fun Family Gardening Ideas!

Gardening Projects for the Whole Family!
Get the whole family involved with these projects that are great for you and your kids! It's a great thing to get your children into at a young age so they can grow up and use the knowledge and tools that you have given to them!

Incorporate Math Into Gardening

If you're someone that plants flowers seasonally, have your kids join you! Slip some math into the mix and they'll never even know that they're learning! "How many seeds do we want?" "Now how much dirt would we need with that?" They'll learn through doing!

Pot Painting

Have your kids paint garden pots, let them dry, then fill with a small arrangement of flowers! Have them water it and take care of it regularly so they can be proud of seeing their flowers grow!

Fairy Gardens

This is such a fun activity for kids! A fairy garden is a miniature garden like the one in the picture above with small structures (like fairies and small village houses) mixed with live plants! Above is a picture of a mom and her two daughters at Bountiful Gardens after completing their first fairy garden together!

Kids Love Dirt

Lets face it, lots of kids just love digging around in the dirt. So no matter what you're planting, have your kids join you to dig, plant, and see the finished product to watch it grow! Create beautiful memories with your kids, as well as useful tools that they can use as they grow!


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