HOW TO: Care for Air Plants

How To:
Care for your Air Plants
Air plants can enhance the design of any space, any size! They're unique, easy to care for, and come in a variety of different shapes and colors! They generally do okay on their own, but here are a few tips on how to care for your air plants to make them last even longer!

Light Needs
Air plants should be kept where they'll receive bright, indirect sunlight (or under a fluorescent light such as in an office). If you're going to place your plant in a spot with sunlight that is direct, try misting them every couple of days so they stay nice and hydrated!

Water Needs
Even though they're called "air" plants, they still need their water! These plants can survive for long periods of drought, but won't grow and will eventually die off it water becomes too scarce for them! Follow the directions below so they will stay alive for a while!

Watering Methods
Once a week, for optimal watering, give them a thorough rinsing under running water or let them soak in a bath of water for about a half an hour. After you rinse or submerge them, gently shake them off to remove any excess water from the base and leaves. Set them out nan area with enough air circulation that they will dry in about 4 hours.

*If your plants seem like they need watering in between your once-a-week regimen, a light misting with a spray bottle is an easy and effective method!

Air plants do best in warm conditions, anywhere from 55-85 degrees!

Storing Air Plants
Almost any vessel or container will do just fine as a home for your air plant! They do best with some air circulation, so don't leave them in an enclosed container for long periods of time. Pick something like the cute, open, tear drop container above that we have here at Bountiful Gardens! 

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