Brighten Your Landscape With GOLD!

Brighten up your landscape with

Bring a ray of sunshine
to your landscape in the winter months when everything else seems gloomy! Usually when people think of color in their garden or landscape, the first things that come to mind are flowers. But that's not the only thing that can add color to your landscape! Gold foliage is the perfect way to bring a cheerful and bright feeling to your "typical green" landscape, with no maintenance! When you plant with colorful foliages, you don't have the maintenance associated with cleaning off old flowers. Don't be afraid to stray away from green and get creative with some gold!

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Below are all of the yellow-colored foliage plants that we have in stock here at Bountiful Gardens. Come in to check them out at our Hillsborough or Ewing locations, or view them on our online store!
'Forever Goldy' Arborvitae

Just like its cousin The Green Giant, this arborvitae is deer resistant! Forever Goldy is one of the most popular golden evergreens this year!! It's the best for holding its gold color all summer long and even gets gorgeous orange highlights in the winter. It makes a beautiful accent tree, forming a gold column among other green plants, and also looks attractive in beds with other yellow or blue foliage. You can even use it as a hedge or screen, growing steadily. Young plants also look great as the focal point in containers!

Height (mature): 20 ft.
Width (mature): 5 ft.
Foliage Color: Yellow-gold
Sun: Full sun to partial shade
Special: Deer resistant 

Look at our Forever Goldys that we have in the spiral form! They look amazing in containers as a focal point plant just like this one that we have here! Spirals also look great planted on each side of a door, bringing a fun look to your entryway. 
'Gold Mop' False Cypress
Golden Mop is a mounded, slow-growing, dwarf shrub that has golden yellow foliage that it retains throughout most of the year. It's easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to partial shade, thriving best in partial shade. Golden Mop is a great accent plant among other dwarf green conifers, and is tailored to bring color to rock gardens and slope plantings. 

Height (mature): 3-5 ft.
Width (mature): 3-5 ft.
Foliage Color: Golden yellow
Sun: Full sun to partial shade
Special: Drought tolerant

For a different and more unique look in your landscape, try the very rare pom pom Golden Mop!!! Be unique and stand out from the rest with this fun shape!
Golden Japanese Cedar
Gold tipped needles on this pyramid forming tree make for a great evergreen look and contrast against darker green foliage. It makes an easy, colorful hedge and is very low maintenance! It's a standout plant when paired with gray or blue needled conifers or purple foliage plants.

Height (mature): 20 ft
Width (mature): 6-8 ft
Foliage Color: Yellow
Sun: Full sun to partial shade
'Gold Thread' Cypress

This compact, semi-erect conifer has interesting, thread-like needles that weep and drape over the entire shrub. The bright yellow foliage thrives, even in full sun! It's an excellent mop-headed accent plant that makes a nice background border or small hedge.

Height (mature): 5-6 ft.
Width (mature): 7-8 ft.
Foliage Colors: Yellow
Sun: Full sun
Special: Deer resistant, low maintenance
Golden Hinoki Falsecypress 

Sprays of feathery, bright, golden-yellow foliage distinguish this superior cultivator from the rest! It has amazing color throughout the winter and its versatile, upright grower makes an ideal soft background for flowering shrubs. It also makes a nice hedge or privacy screen.

Height (mature): 8-10 ft
Width (mature): 3-4 ft
Foliage Colors: Yellow
Sun: Full to partial sun
'Gold Lace' Juniper

Vibrant, gold foliage stands out in all of the seasons on this evergreen shrub! It becomes brighter in the summer, thriving in the sun. This perfectly colored evergreen can be used well for foundation planting and along fence lines. For erosion control and coverage, spot these into slopes and banks. It also makes an attractive hedge for dividing front yards or for defining spaces in your backyard.
Height (mature): 3-4 ft.
Width (mature): 5-6 ft.
Folaige Color: Yellow
Sun: Full sun
Special: Deer resistant
'Anna's Magic Ball' Arborvitae

Dwarf evergreens look great year round, and fill a void in many landscapes. This bright golden evergreen ball is like a yellow 'Danica', but with looser foliage and a more block-like habit. Developed in Canada, it has good burn-resistance and holds its color nicely in winter.

Height (mature): 10-15 in.
Width (mature): 10-15 in.
Foliage Color: Green and yellow shades
Sun: Full sun to partial shade
'Drops of Gold' (Japanese Holly)

This unique, variegated holly has upper leaves that are a golden-yellow and offer a striking contrast against the rich green leaves that are underneath. Use it in your landscape to provide a bright landscape highlight hedge, foundation plant, or foliage accent plant. 

Height (mature): 2-3 ft
Width (mature): 3-6 ft
Foliage Color: Variegated
Sun: Full to partial sun
'Nana Aurea' Hinoki Cypress

This compact dwarf conifer has cupped sprays of gorgeous golden-yellow foliage. The texture of this plant's foliage is elegant, bringing something unique to your landscape.
Height (mature): 6 ft
Width (mature): 4-6 ft
Foliage Colors: Gold
Sun: Full sun to partial shade
Special: Deer resistant, low maintenance
Picea Orientalis 'Skylands'

Bright yellow new growth soften to a golden-yellow color that lasts all year long and is simply stunning! Older, interior foliage is more of a typical green color, contrasting beautifully with the yellow and making it pop. Skylands has a robust, symmetrical, upright habit and is sure to have its best color in full sun!

Height (mature): 7 ft
Width (mature): 3 ft
Foliage Color: Gold-yellow
Sun: Full sun to partial shade
'Fernspray Gold' Hinoki Cypress

The classy, arching spray of golden, fern-like foliage decorate this tree! Each unique, flattened branch tapers to a point, just like a fern! Its winter foliage gets an orange tone to it. Fernspray Gold makes an excellent specimen, especially when viewed against a dark background!
Height (mature): 12 ft
Width (mature): 8 ft
Foliage Colors: Yellow
Sun: Full sun to partial shade
Special: Deer resistant, low maintenance
'Kaleidoscope' Abelia 

Bright, golden yellow variegation on medium green leaves along with brilliant red stems create a striking kaleidoscope of color! This is a low, compact selection perfect for patio containers or even massing as a ground cover.

Height (mature): 2'- 2.5' ft.
Width (mature): 3'- 3.5' ft. 
Bloom Time: Summer through early fall
Foliage Colors: Dramatic colors, green, yellow, organ, red
Sun: Partial to full sun.
Abelia 'Kaleidoscope' Fall Foliage
'Evil Ways' Buddleia

Evil Ways features bright yellow leaves and bloom dark purple flowers in spike-like clusters. The blooms color contrast wonderfully with the bright yellow leaves. If you love to see butterflies in your garden, this is definitely the plant for you!

Height (mature): 4-5 ft
Width (mature): 3-4 ft
Bloom Time: Summer
Flower Color: Purple
Foliage Colors: Yellow
Sun: Full sun
Special: Deer resistant, attracts butterflies
'All Gold' Japanese Forest Grass

Also known as Hakone Grass, Japanese Forest Grass is a golden-colored, bright and beautiful ornamental to add to shaded or dark-colored gardens. The golden grass-like leaves are a great accent beside water gardens or at the base of arbor posts. It has arching stems that bring a delicate texture to a garden as a border edging or mass planting!
Height (mature): 18-24 in.
Width (mature): 18-24 in.
Bloom Time: Late summer to early fall
Flower Color: Green
Foliage Colors: Yellow
Sun: Partial shade
Special: Deer resistant, low maintenance
Aucuba 'Gold Dust'

This really brings a burst of color to shade gardens! Gold Dust is a striking gold variegated shrub that can thrive in shade. The gorgeous green leaves are speckled with gorgeous tones of yellow for an amazing appearance!

Height (mature): 4-6 ft
Width (mature): 4-6 ft
Foliage Color: Variegated
Sun: Full to partial shade
Barberry 'Bonanza Gold'

Bonanza Gold is a very dwarf form of the species, idea for detail use in your garden! Its superb yellow foliage lasts all season long and is excellent in contrasting plants where a very small space is required. Showy, red fruit grow in an abundance from early to late fall, just adding to this beauty's color!

Height (mature): 2 ft
Width (mature): 2-2.5 ft
Fruit Color: Red
Foliage Color: Yellow
Sun: Full to partial sun
Barberry 'Golden Rocket'

This narrow, upright growing, deciduous shrub features showy,textured, bright yellow foliage. Pale yellow, flowers appear in the spring, followed by bright red berries in the fall which persist through the winter. The berries attract birds and other wildlife! Use this plant in containers, planters, shrub borders, focal point, in small groups, and as a specimen.
It is insect, disease, and deer resistant. If you are looking for a low maintenance, hardy plant, you can hardly do better than the Golden Rocket!

Height (mature): 5 ft.
Width (mature): 2 ft.
Bloom Time: Spring
Flower Color: Yellow
Foliage Colors: Yellow
Sun: Full sun or partial shade
Special: Deer and insect resistant
Heuchera 'Citronelle'

Heucheras in general are best grown in organically rich, well-drained soils in partial shade. Citronelle is a vigorous, clump-forming, compact cultivator that features yellow-green leaves on rosy red petioles. Tiny, creamy white flowers appear in the summer on slender stems that usually are 10-12 inches tall. It's considered to be more tolerant of hot and humid summers that most other heucheras. 

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