FEATURED PLANT: Baby Blue Spruce!

What To Do With ‘Baby Blue’


Baby Blue Spruce is a gorgeous addition to your landscape for a pop of color that you wont regret! Its rustic, silvery blue color is accentuated by the sharply pointed foliage. It grows to a mature height of up to 30 feet, but not quickly! This takes years to fully mature due to its slow growing nature. 

If you want the Colorado spruce look without the size and growth rate, then this evergreen is for you! This semi-dwarf selection is very useful for smaller landscapes and more confined spaces. The symmetrical, pyramidal form along with its icy blue needles makes it a dream spruce! Find out more about why this eye-catching spruce is right for you!

How To Use ' Baby Blue'

The Baby Blue Spruce is a versatile tree that is sure to add color and texture to your landscape. There are a few different places you can plant these trees that are beneficial to you and look great in your landscape!
As a Focal Point
The beautiful blue color of blue spruce trees allow them to function as the focal point in a variety of different ways. You can use them in the center of other trees to give texture to an array of just solid green trees. They're also well suited for use near entryways, as accent plants, or in groups like the picture above!

As a Privacy Screen or Windbreaker

The larger a blue spruce gets, the more it offers the ability to shield the landscape from winds when planted in a line. Their dense, sturdy structure forms a wall, breaking the wind. They can also act as a visual screen for the purpose of marking off borders or creating privacy!

As a Christmas Tree

Yes, these beautiful blue spruces are amazing Christmas trees! When it is still in the pot, use this plant as a focal point in your home during the holidays. One of the benefits of a living tree is that you open yourself up to a lot more options than just the cut trees. The Baby Blue Spruce is perfect!

Christmas tress don't just have to be for the holidays!

Why throw away a beautiful Blue Spruce when you can enjoy it all year round! After you use it in your home, plant it out in your landscape so you can enjoy it for years to come. Just be careful not to leave the tree in your home too long! Although they are pretty drought tolerant, you don't want to trick these plants out of dormancy while they're in your home, and then shock them when you go to plant them later outside.
Read how to plant potted Christmas trees into your garden after the holidays HERE!

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