THANKSGIVING: Bring the Nature Inside!

Bring Nature Inside for Thanksgiving!

There is still time to bring nature into your home for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast next week! The greenhouse in our Ewing location is FILLED with an amazing selection of indoor plants for either your home or to bring with you to someone else's as a hostess gift. Who needs another pie to bring? Really make their day by bringing them a houseplant!! 

Overeating is fun but not healthy, so celebrate being thankful for family, friends, and nature by shining some light on plants and our deep connection to them! Check out below to see what we're offering and what you can do this Thanksgiving!

Create a Centerpiece! 

Having family and friends over for Thanksgiving? Create beautiful centerpieces out of indoor plants, pumpkins, and candles!

Want to make one of these cool pumpkin centerpieces? 

 Come over to our greenhouse and make the mess carving your pumpkins here!! Pumpkins and gourds are FREE for this project, just pay for the cost of the plants and the soil that you use! This is such a great project to do with family and friends!!

Make a Succulent Cornucopia! 

Fill an empty cornucopia with succulents!! This is a fun, colorful and creative way to add a cornucopia to your Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Bring in Houseplants!

Bring houseplants into your home while you host this years Thanksgiving feast! Houseplants have incredible psychological and physical benefits, so you can make your guests feel right at home with houseplants! Don't believe me? Read about it in our blog HERE!

Not hosting this Thanksgiving? That's okay!! Houseplants make the perfect hostess gift! Instead of bringing another pie or dessert, be unique by bringing your friends or family members a gorgeous plant to add to their home!



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