HOW TO: Design with Twisted Braches

How To Decorate with Corkscrew Willow Branches

One of the most famous will tree is the Corkscrew Willow! Twisted and contorted branches create a unique and interesting landscape specimen and are prized for their floral designs in and outside of the garden! The naturally twisted shape of these branches makes them extremely useful and pliable for making different decorations and craft projects. 

This is the time when willow crafting usually occurs, when shoots are their tallest, and there are TONS of ways to use Corkscrew Willow branches. Floral arrangements of curly branches are mainly made with Corkscrew Willow branches, both in fry and fresh form, looking gorgeous no matter where you place them!

Use In A Floral Arrangement

Corkscrew Willow branches are often kept in tall glass vases and used as the focal point of a decor. Dry branches are great fun for doing different experiments in your arrangements. They make the perfect wedding centerpiece like in the photo above, especially when paired with light or neutral colored flowers!

Make Branches Into a Wreath

Making a wreath required very few materials and equipment. It will also only take you about an hour to complete! These are sure to bring the outdoors into your home, adding an enjoyable look to any occasion!

Add Lights

You can literally not get any more simple than this and look at how beautiful it looks! Stick some long Corkscrew Willow branches into a tall, clear glass vase, string some lights along several clumps of branches, and there you go! You have a simple, elegant look that is great for both daytime and nighttime in your home!


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