Make Your Landscape BOLD With Dark Foliage!

Make Your Landscape BOLD With
Dark Foliage
The contrast between dark and light color tones create a unique and dramatic addition to any landscape. Dark leaves stand out, displaying non-stop color. When picking out plants, keep in mind their foliage color and texture which outlasts the typical blooming periods of 4-6 weeks.
When you pick out plants for their foliage, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy their color throughout the spring, summer and fall. Flowers are the bonusBe bold with your landscape! Don't be afraid to stray away from typical green. Check out some ways you can add dark foliage to your landscape and see some of our favorite below!

How To: Style Your Garden with Dark 

Add Depth to a Small Garden with Darkness!

Dark colors seem to recede into the backdrop and using them can be an easy way into tricking the eye into making it look like the space is bigger than it actually is!
Play Around!

Don't think that just because the foliage of these plants are dark, your landscape has to be dull. It doesn't! Use dark plants in a colorful garden to accent and anchor a variety of flower colors and textures! The darkness of the foliage will give a feeling  of structure and continuity that makes a perennial bed feel well-planned.
Let Dark Colors Punctuate Rather than Dominate

Contrast dark colored foliage up against a light colored house or fence to create a much needed balance of warm tones.
Forest Pansy Redbud
In Stock 
Below are all of the dark-colored foliage plants that we have in stock here at Bountiful Gardens. Come in to check them out at our Hillsborough or Ewing locations, or view them on our online store!

'Summer Chocolate' Mimosa Tree

'Summer Chocolate' is a fast-growing, deciduous/flowering tree. This variety is adaptable to almost any soil type-- it thrives in rocky soils, as well as highly acidic and alkaline conditions. This tree is perfect for adding a tropical element to any landscape.The Mimosa Tree makes a beautiful shade tree or landscape specimen. Its unique leaf structure/color and fragrant, fluffy pink blooms are sure to add                                                                     high visual impact to your lawn. 

'Black Lace' Elderberry

Black Lace is a stunning Ederberry with intense purple-black foliage that is finely cut, giving it an effect that's similar to a Japanese maple. Pink flowers fill this plant in the spring, contrasting beautifully with the dark foliage. Following the flowers, black-red berries grow, attracting birds and other wildlife. It can be used as a dramatic accent plant, as a hedge, or incorporated into the mixed/perennial border. 

'Black Tower' Elderberry 

BRAND NEW to Bountiful Gardens is Black Tower! This fantastic burgundy-black colored foliage makes this upright shrub a must have for your landscape. Softly cut edges on the foliage provides an elegant texture and bright pink flowers bloom on this Elderberry in the spring. Red berries follow these blooms in the fall, providing more seasonal interest for you and the birds!

Physocarpus 'Summer wine' Tree

This small tree is not only showy, but additionally tolerates a wide range of soil types and is both cold hardy and drought tolerant. Dark, dramatic foliage and peeling bark on mature branches makes this the perfect tree for a landscape accent. 'Summer Wine' also feature beautiful peeling bark, adding further texture to the landscape. It can also be planted in groups for a border or screen. Plant this variety in front of greenery to heighten visual impact in your landscape.

'Black pearl' Heuchera 

Black Pearl's foliage is a gorgeous dark color with glossy deeply lobed leaves that have purple undersides. They gather into a mound that stands out wherever you plant it! This shade loving perennial gives way to delicate white and pink flowers in the summer, which attract pollinators! This makes an excellent ground cover or border plant!

'Diablo' Ninebark

The stunning deep purple foliage of this versatile shrub makes it a standout in the garden! It's an upright, spreading, deciduous shrub that blooms pink-white flowers in the summer. Its peeling bark peels in strips revealing several layers of reddish to light brown inner bark patches. It makes a great dense hedge or screen, and is effected when mass planted in shrub borders.

'Little Devil' Ninebark

NEWER VARIETY! This exciting improvement in nine little bark has an upright spreading habit with fine textured, dark foliage, setting itself apart from the rest. Clusters of small purple-white flowers in June contrast nicely with its burgundy foliage. This low maintenance plant adapts to wet or dry soil and is a good substitution for barberry in areas where barberry might be invasive. Little Devil is great as an accent, for mass plantings, or for hedges.

'Coppertina' Ninebark

Dark bronze/orange foliage covers this ninebark all season long, making it a great foliage stunner in the landscape! Coppertina is also noted for its attractive peeling bark and bright red seed capsules that appear in the fall. It works great in groupings and mass planting or in perennial and shrub borders. Soft pink flowers line the gently arching branches in the summer.

'Wine n Roses' Weigelia

Rosy-pink flowers add a touch of beauty when displayed against its dark, glossy foliage. Its foliage is much darker than that of older varieties and contrasts beautifully. making for a high impact display in the garden! Wine n Roses can be enjoyed as an accent plant or used for a dramatic mass planting. It's a fast growing and low maintenance free, making it an easy way to add year round color to your garden!

'Midnight Magic' Crape Myrtle

This crape myrtle has purple/maroon leaves that will not only add new color to your landscape, but will add drama and depth as well! Its foliage is contrasted by its bright pink blooms that last from July until September. Plant this tree as a property border or even use it around the foundation of your home or deck. the colors are sure to delight you, so plant it somewhere it can be enjoyed!

'Moonlight Magic' Crape Myrtle

This unique crape myrtle has beautiful purple/maroon foliage that holds its color through the summer heat. Bright white blooms provide a sharp contrast from this foliage, blooming in late July and August. Removal of expired flower heads will often prolong and increase the duration of these wonderful blooms, sometimes well into early October in warmer areas of the country!

'Plum Magic' Crape Myrtle

Plum Magic is a semi-dwarf form, blooming in the early summer with fuchsia-pink flowers. It forms a rounded shrub with a dense, full shape. The foliage emerges plum-purple in color, nicely setting off the bright flowers that bloom. It is perfect to add to a foundation planting or as an informal hedge for a shot of color!

Royal Purple Smoke Tree

Dark foliage, smoky blooms, deer resistance, and warm fall colors; what more can you ask for?! This is an excellent addition to any landscape with its dramatic, long lasting, pink-purple, smoke-like clusters contrasting with the dark foliage. It holds its dark purple color all summer long, turning scarlet in the fall. Plant this with other shrubs to accentuate its colors or use it as an informal specimen. 

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