Cold Tolerant Annuals

Cold hardy annuals are a wonderful way to create a mixed container garden that's visually interesting and gives a true representation to all the fall flowers that bloom past the light frost. They last much longer into the cold season than tender annuals do and some actually prefer and thrive in the cooler weather! 
If you're bored of only using mums or winter cabbages in your planters during the fall season and want to be different from everyone else, make a container that's absolutely stunning by adding these annuals in with your mums and winter cabbages


No annual is more cheerful and easier to grow than the Marigold! Showing a wealth of gold, copper, and brass the colors are perfect for fall designs. This flower's popularity is well deserved and deer resistant. They have daisy-like or double, carnation-like flower heads produced singly or in clusters. Not only do they liven up your garden or container arrangement, they can also add color and spicy tang to salads and other edible dishes!


This low-maintenance South African annual will shine in your containers and attract butterflies with its daisy-like flowers that grow in hues of red, orange, and yellow. These colors are perfect for incorporating into your fall container designs. They will endure a light frost and thrive in full sun. The leathery foliage of the gazania are a green to gray color and grow in a lance shape.


Ahh, the well-know winter pansy! These cold-tolerant flowers come in a wide variety of colors and bi-colors, adding to their versatility. They grow to be about 6-9 inches tall, making them a staple for your unique container arrangements between taller plants in your pot. This flower is unique lasting through fall, winter, AND spring, tripling in size!

Dusty Miller

The Dusty Miller plant is an interesting landscape addition, grown for its silvery gray foliage. It contrasts beautifully with the bright blooms of other cool weather annuals! They grow6-9 inches tall with velvety leaves that look irresistible. Deer, drought, and disease resistant, the Dusty Miller is almost indestructible, making it the perfect first-time plant for children or novice gardeners! 



Numerous varieties of snapdragon exist with dwarf, intermediate, and tall flowering stems that provide a range of colors to work with! Fill your pots, planters, baskets, and beds with Snapdragons for an assortment of jewel-like colors that are so bright they pop out of the garden! They're at their best in cool weather and can repeat bloom throughout the season. Tall varieties grow up to 2 feet tall, making them outstanding cut flowers as well!

Sweet Alyssum

This plant has been a long-time favorite because of its dainty blossoms that rest on tight mounds of foliage. Growing only 4-6 inches tall, they work great as landscape edging plants in your garden and containers. Its blooms are big on color, fragrance, and nectar, attracting bees and butterflies to your garden! They prefer full sun and are resistant to the cool temperatures of fall and early winter.


Geraniums make popular bedding plants in the garden, but are also commonly grown indoors and outdoors in hanging plants or containers. Few gardeners realize that these flowers are even more vigorous when grown during the cool, fall weather! They're one of the most versatile annuals that you can grow and are available in a wide variety of colors and bi-colors. Just give them a sunny spot and they'll do the rest!

Flowering Kale

Transform your cool-season garden with the stunning texture of flowering kale. This plant brings bold shades of white, purple, rose, and green. Flowering Kale forms a dense mound that mixes well with other bloomers. You can use it in your containers or directly in your landscape as a perennial border, tucking it between plants.


Planting petunias in containers is a fantastic way to showcase them. Whether they're in hanging baskets, in containers on tables, or on your front porch, growing petunias in pots brings vibrant color throughout the season. You might not think  of them as cool weather annuals, but they do best when the temperatures are on the cooler side! 


Swiss Chard

This salad garden favorite is good enough to eat! Packed with Vitamin A, their dark leaves are perfect in dishes that include greens. Swiss chard develops broad red, yellow, white, or orange stems that look great when mixed with pansy or dianthus plants. Growing 12-18 inches tall, their dark, crinkled leaves can be harvested at any time!


These adorable little flowers are able to keep blooming even after the light frost! Most of the annual Dianthus flowers grow to be about 6-12 inches tall and produce fragrant pink, white, or red flowers. Their foliage is slender and spread on thick stems. Use Dianthus annuals in containers or line them out along a front walk or border edge!



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