REDBUDS: Plant Now for Early Spring Blooms

Want an early spring bloom and color in your landscape all year round? PLANT REDBUDS NOW!

Adaptable, dependable, and deer resistant, Redbuds include some of our most charming native and compact trees. They're a must-have ornamental for every home and look great in groupings! They offer 4 seasons of change, so you can use them in multiples for a eye-catching displays. Redbuds are the first tree to bloom in the spring if you plant them NOW. Otherwise, you'll miss out on the beautiful flowers in the spring and you really don't want to miss these blooms!! Before leaf-out, an overflow of small, sweet-pea shaped flowers appear on twigs, branches, and even the main trunk! But that's not where their beauty stops. The fading flowers give way to heart-shaped green to bronze leaves in the summer and brown pods that remain on the tree after the leaves fall. These characteristics really make Redbuds one of the most popular small trees for any landscape!

'Avondale Chinese' Redbud

While this Chinese Redbud looks similar in structure and bloom as the U.S. native, it is much smaller, allowing it for more applications in the landscape. It's one of the most plentiful flowering of all Redbuds. Its dark rose-purple flowers cover the stems before the foliage that arrises in the spring. It's truly a spectacular floral display that lasts for several weeks before being joined by large, heart-shaped green leaves. As summer turns to fall, the foliage turns yellow, creating color for your landscape for months!


'Avondale Chinese' Redbud Spring Blooms

'Ruby Falls' Eastern

This beautiful weeping Redbud is small in size, yet forms elegantly and catches your attention. Lavender colored flowers sprout from red stems in the spring before the foliage. They stay around for a few weeks before heart shaped, maroon leaves make their entrance on the tree. As spring progresses into summer, you'll notice that the foliage starts to change color and turn to shades of dark green with violet streaks. These will last throughout the entire season and even during the fall, only tapering off when colder winter temperatures arrive. This Redbud really keeps your landscape alive for as long as possible, creating an eye grabber all year round!

'Ruby Falls' Eastern Redbud Spring Blooms

'Alley Cat' Eastern

This unique Redbud has green foliage splashed with white that gives it a one-of-a-kind touch from the rest. Its dark pink pea-shaped flowers emerge in April just before the leaves begin to show with shades of copper pink and soft green. The white splashes on the green leaves emerge as the leaves mature, turning then to a reddish, bronze color in the fall to offer stunning autumn color.

'Alley Cat' Eastern Redbud Spring Blooms

'Pink Heartbreaker'

Its flowering form, heart-shaped foliage, and perky pink flowers will win you over. This Redbud is popular because of its huge, strong branching habit, compact size and fast growth rate. Once it drops its leaves, it reveals a striking branch system that catches your eye in the winter. Plant Pink Heartbreaker in full sun where it can be admired all year-round!

'Pink Heartbreaker' Redbud Spring Blooms

Cercis Can 'Heart of Gold'

'Hearts of Gold' is a golden-leaved cultivator that is primarily distinguished from other Redbuds by its attractive foliage and its ability to produce flower buds on one-year old whips. Over time this Redbud can grow up to 20-25 feet tall. Clusters of tiny, reddish-purple flowers bloom for about 2-3 weeks in early spring before the foliage emerges, which emerges red before emerging to gold.                       
'Heart of Gold' Redbud Spring Blooms

'Forest Pansy'

The Forest Pansy's smooth, gray branches stretch out vertically, creating gorgeous red/violet flowers that form a canopy of color. Its blooms attract hummingbirds and its spectacular color will wake up your garden weeks before other blooms. Once fall arrives, this Redbud comes to life with color again. Its reddish leaves mix with a deep green in the summer that then begin to mix in splashes of yellow and orange to create a beautiful warm look during the fall. This Redbud is the perfect candidate for beds and borders or to create a long range focal point.

'Forest Pansy' Redbud Spring Blooms

'The Rising Sun'

The foliage of this Redbud really makes it stand out from the rest. The new growth starts apricot, changing to a vivid gold, and then finally to a bright green. In the spring, butterflies and early-arriving hummingbirds love the nectar of the small, bright pink flowers that emerge.  Plant this Redbud in an area with full sun, and it will truly be the focal point of your landscape.

'Rising Sun' Redbud Spring Blooms

'Cascading Hearts'

This hardy winter bloom has very showy lavender-pink flowers that are held tightly on bare branches during the early spring months. Copper foliage will emerge from this Redbud that will turn an attractive dark green color that persists throughout the season. Its heart-shaped leaves then turn yellow into the fall.

'Cascading Hearts' Redbud Spring Blooms


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