CAMELLIAS: A Butterfly's Paradise!


Add Camellias to your landscape for beautiful fall flowers!

Camellias are flowering, shade-loving, small trees or shrubs that come in a variety of colors and sizes. Depending on the variety, they may bloom in late fall, winter and early spring adding cheer to your garden when little else is in flower. Camellias serve as a great focal point in any landscape. These are hard plants to find around but we have a number of different types for you to enjoy! Order online or stop by our store to see what we have just for you!

Camellias in Stock

'Long Island Pink'

This selection of camellias are reliable producers of single pink flowers during the mid-fall season. Its large leaves are deep green that remain this way all throughout the winter months! This works well as a hedge, accent piece, or container plant!

'Snow Flurry'

Naked after its unique cold tolerant and its pure white flowers, this is a great early season camellia blooming over a 4-6 week period from the late fall to early winter. Petals are shed individually when blooms are completed, eliminating the need for any deadheading!

'Winter's Snowman'

This camellia has small, glossy, dark green leaves and their young leaves are a bronze-red color. Its pink buds open to white, semi-double form flowers from late fall into the early winter.

'Winter's Joy'

Winter's Joy has a semi-double fuchsia pink flower on a narrow upright form. It makes a great hedge in shady locations and is a fall blooming evergreen. This shrub needs little to no pruning and an acidic plant fertilizer is usually recommended. 

'Winter Star'

This tough and cold hardy bloomer exposes single, violet-pink flowers over a period of 4-6 weeks in the fall. These blooms create a stunning contrast to the dark green glossy foliage that covers it. Deadheading is eliminated with this camellia because of their self-cleaning petals! Use this camellia for foundation plantings or along woodland edges for a great look!

'April Kiss'

Proven and popular, this lovely evergreen shrub has small medium red formal double flowers that bloom in the early spring. This camellia is a great patio plant or in mixed borders. It likes shade and moist soil with good drainage, but will tolerate sites with heavier soil!

'April Snow'

April Snow is one of the most cold hardy camellias with strong scented blooms and hassle-free maintenance. You know spring has arrived when this camellia begins to bloom, but its deep green foliage keeps it interesting all year long!

'April Tryst'

This camellia is also one of the more cold-tolerant varieties. It's handsome shrub with glossy dark green leaves and very showy, fragrant red flowers that arrive in the late winter and early spring. The glossy, pointy leaves remain dark green throughout the winter for color during the cold months.

'Arctic Rose'

Blooming from March into spring, this beautiful double looks just like the long stem red roses that we all know and love! However, it's in a beautiful compact, evergreen shrub that looks amazing in the landscape and its bloom could be used as a decoration floating in a glass bowl of water on the dining room table!



'Cleopatra' has glossy, dark green leaves with toothed margins which are held on thin stems. The plants have an upright habit and are of medium height. The flowers are light pink and semi-double to double with many gold stamens blooming from September to frost. The small to medium flowers have waxy petals and appear from fall to midwinter. What these blooms lack in size compared to common camellias, 

 they make up for in numbers.

'Dr. JC Raulston'

This cultivator originated as a seedling nurtured at a nursery in Dallas, Texas and was named for the American horticulturist, J.C. Raulston. Each large, semi-double bloom has ruffled bright red petals that bloom in the late winter and into the early spring. This broadleaf evergreen shrub develops an upright, dense, oval habit when mature.

'Victory White'

This camellia produces large, white blooms beginning in midwinter. This cultivator originated from seed imported from Japan in the early 1930s. Its vigorous, rounded shrub has ascending, gray-barked branches and oval, glossy green leaves with serrated edges.


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