OCTOBER IS THE BEST MONTH TO PLANT perennials, shrubs, and trees!! These are our Sneak Peek varieties and they are beautiful. Take advantage of the great weather we are having and create a new garden or fix one that just isn't quite right. You will be so glad you did next year! Plants that are planted in the fall establish best and are well rooted for the spring. The Farmers in the "old days" knew this and followed this rule. It's time for today's gardeners to catch on and we want to help you! Need help with a design? Bring in pictures of your garden and we can help! Check out some of the few new varieties available now at Bountiful Gardens!

Featured Plants

Echibeckia 'Summerina Yellow'
This is a NEW water-wise, perennial hybrid with the appearance and fast growth of rudbeckia and the disease tolerance of echinacea! Its yellow petals start with a red ringed center and by November the red is flecked throughout the petals. The advantages of this hybrid are longer lasting flowers, a long bloom season, and extra large flowers!

Montauk Daisy
Cultivate some late-season color by tucking Montauk daisy into your garden! Also known as the 'Fall Bloomer,' this daisy displays white flowers with yellow centers, giving this perennial that classic daisy look. Their blooms and leaves can withstand a frost, with its foliage turning yellow afterwards. They can grow to be as tall as about 3 feet tall with a similar spread. You'll succeed with this late bloomer if you give it a spot with fast-draining soil. You can put it in a rock garden or a sloping site, both of which have sharp drainage. Deer and rabbits tend to leave this plant alone.

Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit' Coneflower

This echinacea is well known for the attractiveness of its flowers and their rich color range. They are also sturdy and low maintenance, adding to their appeal. Each are unique and you can expect lots of blooms from this one! Ranging in shades from purple, pink, yellow, orange, red, and white these large daisy like blossoms are up to 3-4 inches wide. You can plant these in your beds or borders, and they are also excellent as cut or dried flowers.

New Rose Varieties in Stock

Easy Elegance 'Music Box' Rose 
Music Box developed as an "own-root" rose, giving it a much hardier nature than many other roses. It flourishes with double blooms of creamy yellow centers surrounded by delicate pink blends along the outside. An everblooming mound of blossoms sit atop of glossy medium green foliage that is resistant to disease. They will repeat all summer long and each fragrant blossom features a petal count of about 35, depicting a fluffy appearance surrounded by the foliage. You don't want to miss out on this rose!

Easy Elegance 'Calypso' Rose
This apricot rose sends forth a ton of double blooms contrasted against its dark green foliage. Hardy and disease resistant, Calypso makes a great, low maintenance accent plant or hedge. This rose will give you a dependable, beautiful bloom all summer long and will do so without excessive care and maintenance. 
What more could you ask for!?

Kolorscape 'Milano' Rose 
This multi-stemmed deciduous shrub is covered with stunning clusters of scarlet flowers with gold eyes at the end of its branches. Its bloom period begins in the mid-spring and lasts until the mid-fall. Its dark green foliage lasts throughout the season and turn yellow in the fall. Best pruned in the late winter, it is a good choice for attracting beed to your yard! Use it for general garden use or as a hedge or screen.

Kolorscape 'Kardinal' Rose
This hardy rose will continue blooming from mid spring all the way until the first hard frost! Its deep red blooms appear all over the glossy green foliage in a mounded form. This low maintenance rose is exceptionally heat tolerant, self cleaning and doesn't require deadheading! Kardinal is often used as a hedge or border plant, potted, or all on its own. 

'Take it Easy' Rose 
This rose really lives up to its name. Take it Easy does not require much work in the garden after planting! Naturally disease resistant, its dark green foliage is the perfect background to show off the clysters of buds and flowers. The medium double blooms pop in a rich red color with just a touch of pink along the inside.

Oso Happy 'Candy Oh' Rose
Large clusters of bright red blooms fill this mounding rose from early summer all throughout fall, making this rose a great landscape plant. This hardy bloomer requires no deadheading or winter protection and shows exceptional disease resistance! This is an excellent landscape rose for mass plantings. It can also be incorporated into mixed borders as well as perennial gardens.

Oso Easy 'Pink Cupcake' Rose 
This re-blooming rose is a wonderful shade of pink with just a touch of coral added to it. Its large flowers pop against the glossy green leaves all throughout the summer. This disease resistant variety doesn't require deadheading and its foliage bears a reddish color during new growth. If you love the sight of butterflies and hummingbirds, add this to your garden because they this rose!

'Peach Lemonade' Rose

This multi-colored rose starts out a lemon yellow color, then fades to a blush pink. Because of its continual bloom from summer through fall, you will be able to enjoy both yellow and pink roses on the plant at the same time! This is truly a unique display for your garden. Its incredibly easy to maintain and is very disease resistant. Peach Lemonade's rebloom will be even stronger

if the finished blooms are removed, but it will 

clean itself!

New Butterfly Bush Varieties in Stock

Buddleia 'Prince Charming'
Looking for something new to liven up your off season garden? Look no further! This butterfly bush features stunning, one-of-a-kind raspberry pink blooms which smell like honey and incite masses of pollinators from miles around! It flourishes in sunlight and is also deer and rabbit resistant. Prince Charming is well suited for back of border where it can brighten up her summer to fall landscape. Easier to care and drought resistant, this butterfly bush really has it all.

Buddleia 'True Blue'
If you love seeing butterflies and hummingbirds throughout your garden, True Blue is right for you. The truest blue flowers on top of silvery green foliage makes this butterfly bush something special. Its strong stems and upright habit is great for borders, embankments, landscape plantings as well as mixed containers. This continuous bloomer lasts from summer up until the first frost, remaining drought resistant and heat tolerant.

Buddleia 'Cranrazz'
Attractive and fragrant flowers adorn long flower spikes that can reach up to 8 inches long from spring until mid-fall. Bloom shave bright red coloration that resembles the color of cranberry juice, making this butterfly bush a stunning addition to cut flower arrangements. Be prepared to witness butterflies and hummingbirds in your landscape once they catch the scent of this Buddleia hybrid!

New Hydrangea Varieties in Stock

Hydrangea Lavalamp 'Candelabra'
Candelabra's candle-shaped flowers bloom creamy white and transition into bright red as summer fades away. The sturdy red stems on this hydrangea hold the beautiful blooms and provide winter attraction, contrasting nicely against the white snow of winter time. Add this to your front  border, patio or outdoor space. 

Hydrangea Lavalamp 'Flare'
Compared to the flame of a smoldering fire, it will attract stares from your guests immediately. Because it is very compact and showy, even the smallest of gardens will have room for this showy hydrangea. Plant Flare along a walkway, in the middle of a border, or in a decorative patio container.   Since it is low maintenance,       you'll have more time to enjoy i than uphold it!

Hydrangea Lavalamp 'Moonrock'
Creamy blooms with a texture like the surface of the moon open up with lime green centers that age to an apple green color. These beautiful, unique blooms continue to wow everyone throughout the summer months and into fall. Sturdy stems and mid-size form make this hydrangea perfect for patio containers, as a border, or as the centerpiece for your outdoor space. The low-maintenance quality of 'Moonrock' allows you to sit back and enjoy the view without the hassle!

New Azalea Varieties in Stock

Bloom-a-Thon 'Pink Double
Bloom-a-thon azaleas are semi-evergreen, which means that they maintain the foliage just at the ends of their branches throughout the winter months, while their inner foliage drops off and reemerges in the spring. They bloom once in the spring, then again in the summer and continue throughout the fall until frost. The Pink Double variety has large pink flowers that first appear in April. Even the high summer temperatures don't stop this beauty from producing loads of late summer and fall flowers. This azalea is great in border, foundation plantings, and containers.

Bloom-a-Thon 'Red' Azalea
Enjoy up to 5 months of bloom with this wonderful selection! Just like 'Pink Double,' the 'Red' variety has large flowers that first appear in April. The evergreen foliage is disease resistant and maintains excellent color year-round. Whether in a ground or container planting, this shrub will put on a show with its bright red, eye-catching double blooms all season long. 

Bloom-a-Thon 'Lavender'

If you love the spring time bloom of azaleas, you're going to love this variety! Their flowers are the classic souther purple that you love in azaleas and they smother the bush in color. These evergreens are perfect as hedges because they don't grow too large and burst with color most of the year. 

New Lavender Varieties in Stock

'Dilly Dilly' Lavender
Dilly Dilly Lavender is a spherical shrub packed with highly fragrant violet-blue flower spikes. Its halo of tall, deep-violet flower spikes cover the plant all summer long, infusing your garden with fragrance and color. The compact, round shape of this plant adds an interesting element to a perennial bed. When planted in a row, these shrubs make for a beautiful border!

'Essence Purple' Lavender
Essence Purple forms a perfect rounded ball-shaped, dense clump of green foliage. This plant retains its shape all season without opening up or discoloring! It starts to bloom about 10 days earlier than standard Lavenders, producing an overflow of bright, blueberry colored flower spikes for many weeks. The stems are just the right length for cutting fresh or dried bouquets as well!

'Elegance Sky' Lavender
This is a large, compact first year flowering lavender that needs no cold period to initiate flower. Elegance Sky is a herb that typically grows as a perennial, and known for growing to a height of almost 2 feet. This particular lavender produces gray-green foliage with spikes of violet-blue flowers. Besides a light prune in the early spring, this lavender is low maintenance!

'Munstead' Lavender
This compact, early-flowering English lavender cultivator was first introduced in 1916.  It is a semi-woody perennial that typically grow 12-18 inches tall and wide. Lavender blue flowers appear in terminal spikes in the late spring and continue well into summer. Munstead is considered for a wide variety of uses and not just relegated to a corner of an herb garden.. The flowers and green-gray leaves provide mid-summer color that contrast to the perennial border front, rock garden, herb garden or scented garden.

'Provence' Lavender
Many people describe Provence as one of the best lavenders for humid summers, one of the lavenders with the strongest fragrance, and one of the best for creating hedges. This bloomer provides a great display of large flower spikes featuring a beautiful pale lavender color from mid to late summer. Provence is great for herb gardens, border, or rock gardens and provides an amazing effect when mass planted. This lavender is also a real magnet for bees and butterflies!

'Superblue' Lavender

This English Lavender creates a spectacular and fragrant show in the summer garden. Its characterized by its deep violet-colored flowers, medium green-colored foliage, and mounded compact growth habit. Its also free flowering and tolerant of heat and humidity. 


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