The Versatile Viburnums!

The Versatile Viburnums!

Showy, fragrant, flowering shrubs that are followed by bright-colored berries and warm fall foliage!

If you enjoy viewing the change of seasons on your landscape, Viburnums are the plants for you! Viburnums are one of the most versatile and colorful shrubs around, known for their constantly changing flower, fruit, and foliage color. They add unique diversity to your landscape all throughout the year! Most viburnums grow best in full sun but are just as content in partial shade.

'Summer Snowflake'

This medium sized shrub has a rounded form and its tiered, horizontal branches magnificently display the showy white flower clusters. Ornamental red fruitdevelop on this shrub in the fall along with few flowers and fall foliage.


'Mariessi Doublfile'

This fast-growing shrub has white flowers that bloom during the month of May and the leaves on its branches line up opposite from each other forming neat, patterned pairs. Flowers are succeeded by bright red berries during the summer. With all of its many colors throughout the seasons, this plant is truly a multi-season interest. 



This compact cultivator has leaves somewhat glossier than those of their species. In the late summer,
clusters of small fruit begin to blush pink and become more intense over a few weeks until the whole shrub is covered. The fruit change then to a deep blueberry color and its leaves become maroon and red.


'Lil Ditty'

This viburnum is unappetizing to deer and very adaptable to garden stressors (like poor soil, heat, drought, etc.), making it a great choice for any landscape. Large puffballs of creamy white flowers top this shrub in the late spring, releasing a
powerful scent, adding another element of interest to the landscape. The summer flowers are followed by masses of small round berries that begin green and then turn to pink, red, and black by the fall.


'European Snowball'

This viburnum blooms profusely with large, double 3" flowers that resemble "
snowballs" in mid May. At first, these flowers are apple green, changing to pure white for an extended period. Its fall color is wonderful shades of reds and yellows, providing transformations of color all year round.



Flat creamy white flowers bloom on this viburnum in the spring, followed by berries in the early fall. These berries first appear red and then change to a glossy black, persisting often unit the end of December. 



This beautiful evergreen shrub with dark green, puckered leaves has attractive foliage that holds up to typical winters with no discoloration, Pink buds develop in the early spring and open to lightly fragrant, creamy white flowers. Ideas fir use as a quick growing hedge, accent plant, screen or windbreak!

'Cardinal Candy'

This viburnum has improved hardiness compared to other varieties and its bright red, abundant berries make for a stunning display in the fall. Fruiting appears to be strong even without another pollinator in the area! Tons of fragrant, white flowers cover the plant in the spring, fitting nicely into any landscape.


'Shasta Doublefile'

This large shrub produces extra large, pure white flowers in the spring on horizontal branches. Bright red fruits are a brief ornamental attraction in late July before proceeding a summer snack for birds. This viburnum grows almost twice as wide as it does tall, making it an excellent hedge.


'Blue Muffin'

If you are looking for a special screening plant for your yard for full to partial sun, the Blue Muffin Viburnum will be your best choice! In early to mid summer, this compact beauty has an abundance of white flowers that make crisp contrast with the glossy green foliage. It will fit into your residential landscape as a low hedge or a foundation plant. The impressive display of rich blue-colored berries appear in the late summer and fall, adding incredible color to the landscape!



Carlcephalum is commonly called 'fragrant viburnum' or 'fragrant snowball.' It features fragrant, white flowers arrange in snowball-like clusters, followed by clusters of 
red-berry like drupes which ripen to black in the late fall. It's also rounded and multi-stemmed, growing 6-10 feet tall and wide.



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