HERBS and VEGGIES: Recipes and More!


Have fresh, organic vegetables and herbs at home for you and your family to come together and enjoy! Now is the time to plant cool weather vegetables and herbs to be able to have them all season long. Our herbs and vegetable plants can be used for a variety of different dishes, and last throughout winter. Check out the fun recipes we included for each of our vegetable plants for some awesome seasonal meals!

All of our vegetables transplant very well into your garden so you can get started growing fresh produce to enjoy in your home! Transplants can handle swings in temperature and water better than planted seeds and newly emerges seedlings. Check out all the cool weather vegetables we have in stock for you now!


Spinach is a hardy winter vegetable able to survive temperatures below freezing IF the plant is grown to its mature size beforehand.

Types in stock: Emperor, Space, New Zealand


This is probably the easiest cold crop to grow. Kale has great texture and the flavor in its leaves will sweeten and deepen with the cool weather and light frost. 

Types in Stock: White Russian, Kale Storm Salad Greens, Scarlet Bore


The best flavor from cabbage plants come from those that can grow at a nice steady pace with plenty of water. With some protextion, you can continue to harvest them well into winter. They won't grow when it's cold, but they'll retain their freshness and get even sweeter.

Types in stock: Red Express


Broccoli is very tolerant of cold temperatures and will survive many hard frosts. Make sure to give your broccoli plenty of water so they stay moist for optimal growth!

Type in Stock: Green Magic
Swiss Chard

Colorful stems and bright green leaves makes swiss chard a colorful addition to a green vegetable garden. Because it does not ship well, growing swiss chard is the only way you're going to have beautiful big leaves!
Types in stock: Bright Lights, Peppermint
RecipeSautéed Swiss Chard with Garlic & Lemon


Growing lettuce in cooler weather will make the flavor of the leaves crisper and sweeter. Lettuce plants will require some protection against frost and is shallow rooted so it is a great choice for containers. If you plant your lettuce in pots, it's very easy to move indoors so you can have fresh lettuce well into winter!

Types in Stock: Wildlife Mix, Red Sails, 
Buttercrunch Bibb, Bambi Butterhead
Leaf Lettuce: Bistro Salad Blend, Lollo 
Rossa, 5 Star Greenhouse, Flashy Trout Back

Brussel Sprouts

These nutritious miniature cabbages are often under celebrated! They contain high amounts of vegetable protein and carbohydrates. They are one of the last vegetables in your garden and can even last through the winter if the conditions are favorable.
Type in Stock: Franklin
RecipeRoasted Sprouts


Growing cauliflower is best done in cool temperatures with moist atmospheres. Cauliflower is sensitive to both over and under watering, so be sure to water it every five to seven days. This is required so your vegetable produces nice heads.

Type in Stock: Snow Crown


Beets need to maintain plenty of moisture so be sure to mulch and water well. When harvesting, don't forget about the tops! Beet greens have a delicious and distinct flavor, and even hold more nutrition value than the roots!
Types in Stock: Bulls Blood, Early Wonder

Why waste your time going to the grocery store to pick up herbs and spices when you can have fresh organic herbs in your home all season long! Not only are they great in planters outside during the fall, they are also perfect to bring into your home to enjoy them throughout the winter months! We have over 25 different herbs and spices of different varieties for multi-purpose use!


THIS is one of the easiest herbs to maintain and THE herb to use in all of your tomato dishes. With our many different types of basil, you can enjoy this wonderful, strong herb all throughout the year. Fresh, organic basil really makes a difference in your dishes!
Types in Stock: Napoletano, Purple Ruffles, Amethyst, Genovese Compact, Thai (Stem Queen) 


This is a basic ingredient in Italian and Mexican cooking, best used when the leaves are dried. It can be used to season all meats, stuffings, stews, soups, pasta cause, pizza and much, much more!
Types in Stock: Hot & Spicy, Greek, Golden, Variegated, Kent Beauty, Dittany of Crete


Coming in a few different forms, this herb is pungent and distinctive with a sweet, resinous flavor. This is a must in seasoning your stews and soups and goes lovely when roasting vegetables or potatoes. Not only is it essential in seasoning, it also looks beautiful in container or rock gardens!
Types in Stock: Creeping, Barbecue, Arp, Goriza
RecipeHerb Roasted Potatoes


Mint is probably the most diverse herb that we have and is one of the hardiest and easiest herbs to grow! With 13different varieties of mint in stock, there is nothing you can't do. From zesting up a vegetable dish, to deodorizing your home, there are hundreds of ways to use this wonderful herb!
Types in Stock: Orange, Grapefuit, Basil, Black, Chocolate, Ginger, Julep, Pineapple, Banana, Apple, Peppermint, Curly Mint (Crispa), Kitchen Mint (Citrus)
RecipeFresh Mint Tea


All of our types of sage are wonderful for cooking. Their leaves should always be dried before using and will keep their flavor for years! It's considered a MUST in stuffing and gravy. It also goes well in egg and cheese dishes!
Types in Stock: White, Purple, Berggarten, Pineapple
RecipeVegetarian Gravy
Below are the rest of the herbs and their varieties that we have in stock. Don't miss your change to have fresh, organic herbs and spices in your home all year long!
  • Sorrel
  • Chives-"Regular", Staro
  • Thyme- Lemon, Lime, Nutmeg
  • Sweet Basil- "Regular", Nufar
  • Italian Honey Fig- Lattarula 
  • Perilla- Shiso Red
  • Cilantro- Calypso
  • Tarragon- French
  • Fennel- Zefa Fino, Bronze, Herb
  • Parsley- Italian, Curled
  • Eucalyptus
  • Curry- Herb
  • Golden Variegated Sage- Icterina
  • Celery Leaf
  • Cinnamon Basil
  • Wheat Grass
  • Cola Plant
  • Artichoke Imperial Star
  • Lavender- French
  • Artemisia- Southernwood 
  • Gotu Kola
Winter Pansies
Not only do we have herbs and vegetables for your garden, we also have edible flowers! Pansies add wonderful color and unique flavor to a variety of different dishes. This is a flavor you can enjoy all winter long because pansies thrive in the cold months!

Winter Pansies

These edible flowers come in a wide variety of colors to brighten your winter garden and are able to withstand temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. You can plant them now and they will bloom all winter long, and triple in size by the spring! Use these bright, edible flowers to create a beautiful harvest presentation, along with fresh vegetables and herbs.

Purple Kale and Pansy Salad Recipe
Test out this delicious purple kale and pansy salad! 

Ingredients:                                      Tangerine Poppy Seed Vinaigrette:
  -1 bunch kale                                           - juice of 1 big tangerine
  -fresh basil leaves                                    -2 tbsp olive oil
  -fresh sprigs of thyme                              -1 tbsp mustard
  -fresh mint leaves                                    -1 tbsp honey
  -fresh parsley                                           - juice of 1/2 lemon
  -1/2 small red onion                                 -1 tbsp poppy seeds
  -2/3 tbsp sunflower seeds                        -salt to taste
  -pansy edible flowers


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