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Growing vines in your landscape or garden is the perfect way to take advantage of vertical space! You're not limited to only using trellises with vines. They're great for small spaces, hiding unsightly views, or adding privacy. Both climbing and blooming vines add interest to just about any landscape. They're available in a variety of forms, textures, and colors!

Check out below to see the HUGE selection of climbing and blooming vines that we have here in stock at Bountiful Gardens!! October and November are the BEST times to plant vines because of the cooler weather! They'll be able to take off next spring bursting with blooms for you to enjoy

Different Ways to Use Vines
Let them grow on your fences!
Fences are great to hold up vines because of their sturdiness. You can also use them to cover up spots and improve the look of them! 
Add them to your mailbox!
 Blooming vines will add a gorgeous array of blooms to your mailbox for months, giving it an extra interest!
Cover unsightly views!
Covering a shed that you don't want to paint? Vines make a shed go from shabby or an eye sore to elegant and charming!

Vines at Bountiful Gardens
Below are all of the different vine varieties that we have here at Bountiful Gardens, along with descriptions to help you choose which one is right for you!

Hydrangea Vines
This vine uses its root-like structure to climb along posts or tree trunks with ease. They're also one of the few hardy flowering vines that tolerate shade! Hydrangea vines feature large, fragrant clusters of white flowers that bloom usually in the late spring and summer. These blooms are contrasted with its dark green foliage, creating an elegant look in your landscape. The flower clusters have a central mass of tiny flowers surrounded by a ring of larger flowers and you can leave drying flower clusters on the vine after they bloom! They'll keep their shape and add interest even after the foliage begins to fall, making their thick foliage and large blooms perfect for walls and fences!

Wisteria's beautiful violet-blue or lavender blooms over this vine in the mid to late spring. The unmistakable, sweet fragrance of the blooms are sure to liven up your garden. This twinning vine requires sturdy support and training them can keep them controlled and looking amazing. Attach these deer resistant vines to your chosen support and select upright stems to move upwards and filling in the spaces that you want. 

Clematis vines are among the most attractive flowering vines! Nicknamed 'The Queen of Vines,' Clematis vines are easy to grow with a long season of bloom. These deer resistant vines prefer sunny locations and cool soil. They love support while they grow, so smaller growing clematis do great on poles and larger growing ones are great on arbors. Most varieties fall somewhere in the middle, doing very well along a trellis or fence!

'Sweet Autumn' Clematis

The flowers of this clematis emerge in the late summer, followed by silvery seed heads. They're excellent for fall accent and cut flowers, growing rapidly in warmer temperatures. This assertive grower makes a good screen on a trellis for hiding unsightly views and should be planted where it can be admired for the fragrant fall flowers!

'Jackmanii Superba' Royal Purple

This clematis features rounded, larger flowers that are a gorgeous royal purple color. The blooms cover the vine from the late spring until the early fall, followed by silky seed heads. 

'Elsa Spath' Clematis

This popular clematis cultivator is vigorous and heavy blooming, adding desirability to any landscape. Its vines are lined with green compound leaves that appear in the spring, with larger flowers following in the summer. 

'Niobe' Clematis

The red niobe blooms are striking against their delicate yellow center. They're arguably one of the most superior Clematis because of the free blooming flowers growing in abundance throughout the summer on a compact vine. It's ideal in container, on pillars, or around mailboxes.

'Ernest Markham' Clematis

This reliable cultivator is valued for its large, open, magenta-pink flowers. Train them to climb along arbors or fences or let them grow unsupported to tall shrubs. They create a great vertical effect in smaller spaces and containers!

'Rouge Cardinal' Clematis

Full flowers of deep crimson bloom in the late season, adding much-needed interest to the late summer garden! Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for containers and small spaces. Also works great as a ground cover. 

'Gillian Blades' Clematis

6" white flowers with crimped edges and creamy, yellow stamens create an elegant bloom to this vine. Early flowers may sometimes be tinged with pink or blue while maturing to their clean, white color. Every perennial garden should have one of these!

'Henryi' Clematis

Large white 6-7 inch flowers are pure white with chocolate-brown centers. They glow under the moonlight and perfectly contrast against more powerful colors. Suited for walls, fences and trellises, or as drapes over aging shrubs.

'Will Goodwin' Clematis

This clematis features profuse, showy pale lavender/blue flowers with overlapping sepals and golden centers. Grow this with other pastel hues for an unforgettable color!

Trumpet Vines
The beautiful tubular flower of the Trumpet Vine Plant ranges from yellow to orange to red. Blooming takes place throughout the summer and into the fall and the woody vines are usually strong enough to endure the winter while other growth will generally die back, returning again in the spring. It prefers well-drained soil but it is resilient enough to adapt to nearly any soil you throw its way. Plant this vine some distance away from the home, such as on a trellis, fence or large pole. Those all work well as support structures!

'Summer Jazz' Trumpet Vine

At half the size of other varieties, this is a super choice for an easy climber to provide amazing color and screening, without taking space over.

'Yellow' Trumpet Vine
Nicknamed 'Cat Claw,' his vigorous climbing, heat loving, woody vine clings to any surface you put it on! The bright yellow flowers provide a beautiful display that brightens up the landscape. It's ideal for cover any sunny wall, fence, or tree!

'Orange' Trumpet Vine

Just like the Yellow Trumpet Vine, this vigorous climbing, heat loving, woody vine clings to any surface you put it on! The bright yellow flowers provide a beautiful display that brightens up the landscape. It's ideal for cover any sunny wall, fence, or tree!
Honeysuckle Vines
This is a popular twinning vine known for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds! They're heat tolerant and a great addition to any landscape with its yellow or red blooms. Because of their versatility and abundance, maintaining honeysuckle vines are easy! Most do best with some type of support, taking well to a nice sturdy fence, trellis, or post. Many varieties also perform well in containers with a trellis as long as they get a regular watering, but otherwise just the occasional watering will suit this vine just fine!

Alabama Crimson

Alabama Crimson is a crimson-flowered cultivator that is noted for its dark blue-green leaves and red berries. The bright flowers bloom mostly from May to June with some sporadic additional ones blooming in the fall.
Gold Flame

Gold Flame is a more vigorous variety with more intense flower color. It's frequently seen as a twinning vine but can  be pruned as a rounded, free-standing shrub.Its extremely fragrant flowers bloom in the summer, with sporadic ones blooming in the fall. These flowers may also be followed by some beautiful red berries in the fall, adding to their interest against the blue-green leaves. 

English Ivy
English Ivy plants are excellent climbers and cling to almost any surface! Their small roots grow along the stems and are easy to care for so you can plant them in a hard to reach place without worrying! Hide unsightly views by growing English ivy as a screen on a trellis or as a cover for unattractive wall space. It also loves shade, making it an ideal ground cover under a large, shady tree where little else grows. If you want to bring your English Ivy indoors, grow it in pots with stakes or any other vertical structure so it can climb. If you prefer hanging baskets, it can tumble over the edges without stakes for climbing. 

Climbing Roses
Let these roses wined their way up pillars, weave their way through dences, or sprawl out on any other garden structure to enjoy its display! They're known for their abundant blooms, prominently displaying their spreads and fragrances. Climbing roses can forma  vibrant landscape backdrop for border perennials and annuals. They're also great for arbors, fences, trellises, and pergolas. Climbers are considerably less fussy than their bush-form rose cousins, making them easier to maintain. They're a garden classic!

Benjamin Britten Climbing Rose

Noteworthy for its powerful contrast in the garden, this beautifully colored English rose combines beauty, fragrance, a long blooming-season and high resistance to disease!
Hardy Kiwi Vines
For many, the attraction to kiwi vines is their variegated foliage. Leaves in the spring emerge green, picking up splotches of white. To keep things interesting, some leaves develop pink tips followed by small white blooms that appear in the spring. These climbers are of the twinning type and reach long lengths. They're best grown on a supporting structures like trellises, arbors, or wooden fences. Make sure these structures are sturdy because mature kiwi vines can get heavy! Training them up a supporting structure can function as great privacy screens, while displaying their gorgeous foliage and bright blooms. 


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