Color Your Home With Heathers!

Heather? Who's that??
Heathers are compact, shrubby, evergreen plants that are well-mannered and low-maintenance. Their tiny, brightly colored flowers appear on spikes that stand above the foliage. The Heather plant is one of the primary plant species grown on the poor, acid, sandy soils.

Why Should I Plant Heathers?

The real reason to plant heathers are because of their compact size, colorful bloom, and foliage that they offer! Since they stay small and compact, they're perfect for pathways in your yard or container gardens for your porch.

Plant these to have a steady play of color when other plants fade away. Not only does their bloom give you vibrant color, but their foliage changes and intensifies in hue during the cold weather months! Their scalelike leaves sparkle against the weary winter backdrop of tans, browns, and white of snow.
Where Do I Plant Heathers?

Plant heathers in open areas or along pathways. They pair especially well with dwarf conifers, which require similar acidic soil conditions. They tolerate the poor, rocky soil so they're even great along coastal hillsides where little else grow.

Heathers vary in size, but typically grow to be about 2 feet tall by 2-3 feet wide. Space them about as far apart as their mature width and at least 2 feet away from other shrubs to foster good air circulation!

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'Beauty Ladies, Saphira'

Each branch is lined with bright purple buds in mid to late summer that electrify the plant and the landscape for weeks into the early fall.


Its unique rosy purple double flowers are the highlight of this plant, appearing on short racemes from midsummer to late autumn.

'County Wicklow'

This heather produces a mass of large, double, shell-pink flowers with bright green foliage. 

'Winter Cholocate'

This heather promises interesting color all year long! In spring, its long wants are rust red. In summer, the leaves are orange and green with soft pink flowers at the tip. It shifts over to delicate lavender in the late summer and into fall. In the winter, it is a rich shade of chocolate. 

'Spring Torch'

This heather gets its name from the vibrant color of new growth in the spring. The mid-green leaves are tipped in shades of cream, orange, and red. Later in summer, pink flower spikes cover the plant and last into fall. As cold weather sets in, leaves acquire bronze or purple tones. Also, bees love it!


Masses of small lavender flowers bloom on this heather in late June to August. The foliage in the summer is bright yellow, which then turns to an orange-red in the fall!

'Beauty Ladies, Veluwe'

Late-bloooming, robust, semi-upright heather with dense white buds that last until the early winter months! 

'Kramer's Red'

This evergreen shrub is packed full of magenta flowers from mid winter to mid spring. Most other plants save their blooms for the spring and summer, but not this one! You can add color to your winter landscape with a plant that requires little maintenance!

Fun Fact:

Heathers actually have a number of economic uses! Late stems are made into brooms, shorter ones can be tied into bundles to be made into brushes, and long trailing shoots are even woven into baskets. The plant has even been known to be used as bedding!

You Can Even Use Heather in your Rock or Container Gardens!

Heathers look best in containers or pots when they're planted with other flowers. You can plant them in large, wide pots and can cope with most soil types. They aren't picky! However, they do perform well in containers if they're kept moist and don't dry out!


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