HOW TO: Plant Your Own Tree or Shrub


Fall Planting Trees and Shrubs!
Just because the weather is getting cooler doesn't mean you stop planting! You can still do so much with your landscape and garden before the winter months take effect. See our quick step by step guide to planting your fall tree or shrub!
Get to Planting!
Step One
Measure form the trunk flare of the plant to the bottom of the root mass, and dig a hole that is that deep. You don't want to plant your tree or shrub too deeply, because that could cause the plant to die!
Step Two
Measure the width of the root mass, then loosen and remove the soil from a bowl-shaped area 2-3 times wider than this measurement that you just took.
Tip: Place the soil that you dug out on a plastic bag or tarp so it makes it easier to fill back into the hole.
Step Three
Gently loosen any roots that are wrapped up tightly. Remove wire,string and the top half of burlap (if any) covering around the rootball.
Step Four
Set the plant so that the trunk flare is at 1-2 inches above the existing soil level. You can then use the soil that you dug up to fill in around the roots. 
Step Five
Water the soil when you are halfway through filling it in and allow it to drain before you finish. After backfilling, you should immediately water the root ball and planting area! 


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