DESIGNING: With Ornamental Grasses!

Design Your Garden With Ornamental Grass!
Confused about what grass to plant where? Don't worry that's what we're here for! We have over 30 types of ornamental grasses all the way from under 1 foot, to 6 feet tall!
 These deer resistant and drought tolerant grasses can be used in a variety of different ways in your landscape. 

Grasses can act, visually, like shrubs. Some are arching, while others are stiff and formal. They can be used to define a space in a garden or used as hedges and borders to enclose areas of your garden. Pairing the right grasses with other elements in your landscape is important. You can add strong, upright grasses with vertical shrubs and structures to create a formal look. Want a looser look? Open, transparent grasses can soften the strictness of those vertical elements as well. Pairing these correctly will result in a garden form that compliments each other, while still adding color and movement to the landscape!

Different Types of Decorative Grasses

How Can I Use Ornamental Grass in My Landscape?

'Edge Defining' Short Grasses

Edges define the shape of a bed and shorter grasses tend to make excellent edges because they wont fade away by the end of summer. They're low maintenance, neat, and their clean leaves fall onto a walkway without looking messy or taking over!

Sedges make great borders because of their compact size, giving them a more formal look.

If you're going for a softer look in the landscape, try mixing different types of grasses to create a beautiful display like in the picture above. 

Unique Hedges

We all know that hedges enclose areas, block views, or create privacy. Typically, strong, evergreen trees or shrubs take this job over. However, grasses are an awesome alternative to add something different to a hedge, while still receiving the same function! They're a less expensive alternative to purchasing evergreens. Deciding which grass you want for a hedge all depends on what you want the hedge to do.

For privacy: tall, dense varieties like Miscanthus varieties

Grasses do not need to be cut down before winter. They can wait until the spring! This way, you can have them in your landscape for as long as possible. Ornamental grass continues to give a beautiful textured look to your landscape throughout the winter months, especially against the snow.

For enclosed area without the heavy look: Switchgrass or Reed Grass does the trick

For something less formal: Miscanthus and Fountain Grass are great because of their arching qualities.

Visual Statement Pieces

A sea of grasses is an effective and low maintenance way of dealing with large areas in your yard. Choosing what type of grass you would like as a statement piece will depend on where in your yard you would like to plant it. 

For beds that are seen by you from a distance, tall, thick grasses like miscanthus or fountain grass are eye grabbing. 

If you would like to get closer and be able to see through it, light-textured grasses such as reed grass or wispy switchgrass would help to give a more transparent look. Grasses will also mix well with each other because of their similar forms. Contrasting thin and thick foliage can create an array of textures in your landscape.


Below are all of the varieties of ornamental grasses that we have in stock. Check them out online or in one of our stores!


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