CRAPE MYRTLES: Colorful Blooms + Attractive Bar = All Year Color!

You know those bright, beautiful trees that are in bloom now that you keep seeing in other people's landscapes? Those are Crape Myrtles! Coming in many sizes and colors, these incredible versatile shrubs and trees are perfect additions to your yard for color all year round! Its colorful blooms and attractive bark make these deer resistant flowering shrubs and trees the perfect addition for your landscape.
Not only are they easy to grow, but they bloom all summer long and into the fall! All they need is full or partial sun (5 hours at least) and are perfect for either the front or back yard. They are particularly popular for the back yard, pool areas, and patio areas since this area is enjoyed the most during June through September while they're in bloom. Be careful not to make your friends too jealous with your new crape myrtle during your next backyard BBQ! NOW!!! is the time to plant them so you can show off all of their beautiful bloom and wonderful changing colors to come!

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Types in Stock

Midnight Magic

This crape myrtle has purple/maroon leaves that will not only add new color to your landscape, but will add drama and depth as well. Its foliage is contrasted by its bright pink blooms that last from July until September.

Rhapsody in Pink

The soft pink summer flowers on this crape myrtle contrast nicely against the dark purple coloring of the foliage growth. This particular variety grows well in moist, well-drained soils and is heat/drought tolerant.

Infinitini Orchid

This compact, low arching plant has bundles of showy, lavender-purple flowers. This crape myrtle needs plenty of water after you plant it, but it will sail through short periods of drought once it is established.

Dynamite Red

Showy, fire-red summer flowers on this crape myrtle are followed by vibrant orange/red foliage in the fall season. It grows in a rounded shape and has drought/mildew resistance. This is an excellent choice to plant in mass groupings for an explosion of color in your landscape for year-round interest!

Purple Magic

This crape myrtle blooms one of the most vivid purples of all other types. They emerge amidst bold, red foliage in the spring and their leaves become green by the summer. It can reach up to 6 feet tall and resists powdery mildew and leaf spot. When provided with lots of sunlight and well-drained soil, this crape myrtle does most of the work on its own!

Infinitini Magenta

This heavy-blooming, dense, rounded plant with rick, dark pink flowers in the summer adds wonderful color to your landscape. It fits easily into container gardens and prefers full sun with moist, well drained acidic soil.

Ruffled Red Magic

This crape myrtle really grabs your attention with its brilliant red flowers and excellent resistance to leaf spot and powdery mildew. Remove their spent flower heads throughout the summer to trick the crape myrtle into blooming even more!

Red Rocket

Red rocket's firey red flowers are wrinkled like crepe paper, adding to its appeal and ornamental value. It is considered one of the fastest growing crape myrtles, with a height increase of more than 24 inches per year!

Pink Velour

The distinctive burgundy-colored new growth changes to dark purple and green as the summer progresses. It reaches its mature height at about 10 feet tall, making it a great small tree or large shrub. This variety is not only drought tolerant, but also resistant to powdery mildew, making it versatile to different conditions.

Enduring Red Summer

This compact shrub only grows to about 5 feet tall, but is versatile because it can fit anywhere and thrives in containers that can be kept on the porch or patio. They're also popular for framing entryways and lining steps!


This species has an extended flowering season and remains stunning into the fall. The lively green foliage creates an great backdrop to contrast the bright flowers that bloom in the summer months. You can trim and train this shrub into countless designs to fit your garden!


These 6-12 inch clustered blooms appear on the tips of the branches during the late spring/summer months. The upright, vase-shaped crown makes the tall-growing selections well suited for street tree planting. It is tolerant of a wide range of well-drained soils and grows best in hot, sunny locations!

Moonlight Magic 

This unique crape myrtle has beautiful purple/maroon foliage that holds its color through the summer heat. Bright white blooms provide a sharp contrast from this foliage, blooming in late July and August. Removal of expired flower heads will often prolong and increase the duration of these wonderful blooms, sometimes well into early October in warmer areas of the country!



This easy to grow crape myrtle is easy to grow and adapts to various different soils. It's best grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils and in full sun but also does well in clay soils with good drainage! Its bright pink/red blossoms will appear every summer to brighten your landscape for the warm months. 

Center Punch 

Glowing rich, pink/red flowers thrive on this crape myrtle in the summer months. Pruning isn't necessary except to remove any dead wood in late spring after new leaves appear. 


Double Feature

This is one of the newer, mid-sized crape myrtle introductions and has a number of great characteristics. Blooms begin in the early summer and last through mid-fall, but they do not leave behind seed capsules. It will re-bloom year after year without the need for trimming, but of course, trimming can still be performed!

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