MAGNOLIAS: Add sweet fragrance to your landscape

Add sweet fragrance to your landscape!
Don't be fooled by the name, this tree is not just for the South! Southern Magnolias are grown as far north as Maine and we are huge fans of this tree! Its big, beautiful, shiny evergreen leaves along with HUGE fragrant white flowers makes Southern Magnolias stand out among the rest. You know spring is here when Southern Magnolias start to bloom! These beauties bloom in the early spring and all summer long, making it perfect for your sunny backyard by a pool or patio where you will sit, relax and enjoy their sweet fragrance!
Don't have a sheltered spot for an evergreen magnolia? Don't worry! We have both evergreen and deciduous magnolia varieties for you to choose from!
'Edith Bogue' (Evergreen)

This dense evergreen has bold, glossy foliage and highly fragrant, creamy white flowers that grow to be up to 8 inches wide. Edith Blue is especially noted for its winter hardiness and attractive dark green foliage. They're exceptional front years trees for larger home sites dye to their year-round beauty and color. Plant at the edges of your home to ground them in a strong, green element. It also makes a fine background for spring blooming and fall colored deciduous trees!

'Bracken Brown Beauty' (Evergreen)

The leathery foliage of this magnolia is dark green above and a cinnamon brown underneath. It blooms large, 5-6 inch creamy white flowers in the late spring that are very fragrant. Its one of the hardier types of magnolias that transplants exceptionally well and doesn't lose as many leaves as other varieties do, exhibiting better cold tolerance than the others! 

Little Gem' (Evergreen)

This is a dwarf Southern Magnolia with smaller dark green foliage and a very compact narrow form. Although it's considered a shrub to many, this very commonly will reach over 25 feet tall at maturity. But don't let that scare you away! Lots of people trim their magnolias to stay at a size that they want. Its large evergreen leaves have rusty-brown on the undersides with very large, white fragrant blooms that appear in the late spring. 

Because of its naturally smaller size, it's perfect for smaller gardens and landscapes and is truly something when planted up against a wall or fence! It also makes a great evergreen screen to block unattractive views or to increase privacy.

'Jane' (Deciduous)

This magnolia is part of the Little Girl Series of hybrid magnolias that were developed in the '50s. Tulip shaped blooms develop on this magnolia, reaching 8 inches across when fully open in the spring. Before this plant is fully in bloom, its flowers have a burgundy/purple color to them. After the flower has been fully open, the color of the outer side of the petals fade to pink with white on the inside. The Jane Magnolia shines in any landscape as an accent, border or specimen plant!

'Royal Star' (Deciduous)

This early bloomer has large, fragrant, white double flowers that appear before the foliage emerges in the spring. This spring time eye-catcher will add a nice touch to your landscape as the season progresses. Plant this magnolia close to where you can enjoy its flowers during its blooming period.
This tree does do well in a small space but make sure to allow plenty of room for it to spread. Its an excellent choice for moonlight gardens, for courtyards and entry courts, and all-white gardens!

'Butterfly' (Deciduous)

The Butterfly Magnolia is one of the most desirable and its spring display is truly something to be seen! It will do well as a focal point anywhere in your yard among other nonflowering bushes for an added seasonal interest. This magnolia is known for its non-fading yellow flowers that bloom in the spring, late vegetative growth, and hardiness to both heat and cold. It typically grows upright and begins to show its foliage after the tepals have fallen off, remaining attractive throughout the growing season.


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