FERNS: Gorgeous Foliage for Your Shady Areas!

Gorgeous Foliage For Your Shady Areas!
Did you have any idea how many different types of ferns there actually are?? Not only can they be for indoors or outdoors, they're low maintenance, DEER RESISTANT, thrive in full shade or partial sun, and make a great ground cover! Varying in color and texture, Bountiful Gardens has a selection of ferns to choose from for your shady gardens!
Designing with Ferns

Ferns are adaptable and easy to grow. Since they come in all shapes and sizes, they are easy to fit into almost any kind of garden!

small fern is well suited for the front edge of a border, like Lady Fern or Maidenhiar.

Taller growing ferns are great as specimen plantings orbackground plants, behind other shade perennials like hostas.

Mixing the unique and intricate foliage of a fern with a smoother-leaved perennial makes for an beautiful and satisfying contrast.

Ferns at Bountiful Gardens

So many ferns! Here at Bountiful Gardens we have a wide variety of ferns to choose from for all of your shady areas! See below!
A unique red hue on new fiddleheads adds interest to light green foliage! Low growth and spreading tendency of the Lady Fern fills gaps between shrubs and under trees. Plant in mass in a woodland setting for a gorgeous display.

'Branford Beauty'
A uniquely hybrid fern that forms a dense mat of delicate, finely divided fronds with a burgundy-tinged silver foliage. Its low growth and spreading fills gaps and is great for adding color and texture to the foreground of shady beds.

'Brilliance Autumn'
Coppery red foliage on this fern is brighter red and significantly more dramatic than other species! A bold and beautiful choice for your shady spots!! As leaves mature, they turn a deep green color.

This tall growing fern is excellent for adding a little bit of height to other ferns. It’s large, graceful, light green fonds resemble showy ostrich feathers. Like most ferns, it prefers a cool, moist spot and will spread/thrive in any wet area of the garden!

'Japanese Holly'
Popular for its hardiness and handsome foliage, this fern makes a great ground cover or border edging. Stiff dark green shiny fronds of holly-like leaflets cover this fern to add a great texture to your area.

Commonly known as Tatting Fern, this unique dwarf variety has narrow, long fronds with ball-like pinnae along the middle of their stems, resembling a string of beads. They’re easy to grow and are also very effective along streams or ponds!

'Mexican Male'
A graceful, bold fern, this unique beauty is a sturdy garden plant with a distinctly upright vase-shaped habit. It has proven quite cold hardy and forms a large crown, which can become 4 or 5 feet across, unlike many other wood ferns, it continues to produce new fronds throughout the growing season until frost. 

Dramatic architectural form and color makes a striking focal point near the edge of water features. Large 4 foot long fronds are blue-green in summer with new growth covered in white hairs. Fertile fronds are a contrasting cinnamon brown! DEER RESISTANT 

'Burgundy Lace'
Silvery fonds with a dramatic burgundy-purple overtone add eye-catching color to shady areas of the landscape. Mature foliage is a silver-green with purple midribs.Intensify the effect by massing a ground cover under trees and large shrubs! DEER RESISTANT 

'Branford Rambler'
Predominantly a rich green with wine colored highlights on the midrib and stem, this fern will creep about and be welcome in loose woodland moist compostly soil. This ferns fronds are held horizontally, making for a unique, warm colored ground coverDEER RESISTANT 

'Champion's Wood'
Emerging foliage of this fern is fleeced with small silvery hairs that mature to a deep green foliage. Fronds ranging in height from 2-3 feet are open and airy give a buoyant lightness to the surroundings. DEER RESISTANT. 

Brighter red that lasts longer! A stunning dwarf fern with a flush of young papery fronds that emerge a copper-red color, then mature to a deep green, spreading underground stems. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Korean Rock'
Excellent small scale fern! Lush dark green foliage in a dense mounding habit is a great plant for under shade trees and large shrubs to cover exposed soil, contrasting greatly to lighter colors. 

'Lady in Red'
With finely textured light green foliage, this fern is held on vividly contrasting red-violet stems. A breathtaking flush of new fronds appears in the spring, with new leaves appearing throughout the season for a continuously fresh look! It typically grows slightly smaller than other varieties, making it the right choice for perennial borders and wooldland areas alike. 

'Lady Victoria'
The most spectacular of all cultivators! The pinnae criss-cross one another forming a series of “x’s” on the fronds. In addition, the tip is crested forming drooping tassels of split tips. Not surprisingly, this cultivator attracts a tremendous amount of attention! DEER RESISTANT. 

'American Royal'
This spectacular, majestic fern thrives in bogs and wet areas where it frequently reaches 4 feet. As a truly ancient, deciduous species it carries its green spores on separate stalks which will persist as tan frond tops! Although most happy along the waterway, this fern will adapt to the hosta garden and add character next to some large hostas. DEER RESISTANT.


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