Soil: The Key to Healthy Plants!

Make Sure Your Lawn & Spring Plantings Thrive This Year With the Right Soil Amendment!

Thinking about switching from a chemical lawn program to an organic one? Not sure if you should? The advantages? Cost? Well with organic products like Espoma carries, it's easy! We highly recommend that you get your new spring plantings off to a great start with a good soil amendment versus the typical shale and clay of our area!

The key to having a beautiful, lush, green and organic lawn, garden, plants, and trees is to stimulate the biological activity in the soilEspoma products feed the soil which encourages microorganisms rather than killing them with herbicides and pesticides. Traditional chemical lawn programs deplete the soil‎ leaving it sterile.  Sterile soil creates a dependence on chemicals like fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Because the soil is unhealthy it actually attracts and increases pests, disease, and weeds. With an Espoma Organic Program, you can get your soil back to health so your lawn, shrubs, and trees will thrive on their own! The microorganisms will now accomplish all the jobs that in the past would consume much more time, money, and energy.  An organic lawn and garden is self-sustaining!

Bountiful Gardens no longer carries peat moss and here's why:

Peat bogs are a natural storage place for carbon, and the harvesting process releases greenhouse gases into the air. This is surprising to many gardeners, who may rely on peat moss to lighten and acidify the soil. Although peat moss does renew eventually, a mature peat moss bog can take centuries to develop. The harvest from wetland bogs damages this delicate habitat, killing off the unique plants that live there like carnivorous sundew plants and butterwort. Gardeners can take steps to protect the fragile peat bog ecosystem by choosing from COMPOST as their soil amendment.

At our soil talk we will go over the different types of composts and tones from Espoma...Have you heard of Holly-tone? The #1 recommended organic fertilizer for evergreens? Espoma offers a full line of organic products that may seem overwhelming but our talk will take out the guess work on what you should add to your garden, based on the types of plants you have and the condition of your soil!

You can take steps to protect the fragile peat bog ecosystem by choosing soil amendment alternatives!

Peat Moss Alternative

Compost! this soil amendment improves the tilth of soil, adds trace nutrients, attracts earthworms, and introduces beneficial microorganisms into the garden.

Why should you switch your gardening products to organic?

Your family's heath and your neighbor's healthLawn care pesticides are poisons that kill insects, weeds, and organisms. Many are known or suspected to cause multiple myeloma, birth defects, cancer of the brain, pancreas kidney, and more. They can also have serious effects on the lungs, liver, and immune system. Just because you don't have symptoms doesn't mean you're not being exposed to it and are not at risk!


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