HOW TO: Design a Woodland Garden

Utilize Your Shade with a Woodland Garden!
Are you stumped with what to add to those shady areas in your landscape? Do you have large trees creating large pockets of shade throughout your yard where nothing seems to grow? Create a Woodland Garden! Transform a bare, shady area into a peaceful woodland garden that you can enjoy for years!
A Woodland Garden is an area that often incorporates large trees with lots of under plantings of shade tolerant plants. It is designed to bring life to shady areas where little else are able to thrive, providing you with a beautiful, relaxing space!
A Woodland Garden doesn't need to be a huge amount of space either! With many shade-tolerant plants ranging in size and color, you can find plants that will thrive in the shade for any sized area!
Plants for a Woodland Garden & Shady Areas
Believe it or not, there are a number of suitable plants for woodland gardens and shady areas in the landscape! You can find NEW varieties at Bountiful Gardens that you can't find anywhere else. Check out what we have below!!

 This easy to grow perennial thrives in full to partial shade! It has 4-petaled flowers that hang in clusters with shades of yellow, beige, pink, white or purple. Use it as a small area ground cover, edger, or border front. And it's DEER & RABBIT RESISTANT!

These lovely plants have fern like foliage with flowers that are well suited for a wide range of garden habitats. Growing 1-3 feet and producing blooms lasting from May to September, this perennial will do well as a DEER RESISTANT ground cover or border front!

 Did you have any idea how many different types of ferns there actually are?? Not only can they be for indoors or outdoors, they're low maintenance, DEER RESISTANT, thrive in full shade or partial sun, and make a great ground cover! Varying in color and texture, Bountiful Gardens has a selection of ferns to choose from for your shady gardens!

 Add a burst of color to your shady area with Astilbe! With its fern-like bronze and green foliage and its feathery plumed blossoms, this plant is a DEER RESISTANT multi-interest perennial that combines well with other moisture loving plants like brunneria, lobelia, ferns, and hosta!

This charming DEER RESISTANT perennial produces spring flowers above and in between wonderfully patterned foliage in the springtime. Its mounding habit and gentle spread make them perfect for underneath your deciduous trees!

 Typically growing up to a foot high, this DEER RESISTANT perennial is primarily grown in shady areas for its attractive heart-shaped foliage! Thriving in shade, plant brunnera in an area that you can keep consistently lightly moist.

Lily of the Valley  One of the most fragrant blooming perennials in the spring and early summer! The stems are covered with tiny white, bell-shaped flowers that have a sweet perfume and bright green leaves. This spreading, DEER RESISTANT, moisture loving plant forms a spreading mass with red seed pods remaining after flowering, making Lily of the Valley attractive after blooming!

  Hostas are a perennial favorite! Their lush foliage and easy caremake them ideal for a low maintenance garden. If you have a fence around your shaded area or landscape, you can have hostas! Variegated varieties require a little more sunlight than the darker-colored hostas, but all can tolerate shade. With a variety of sizes, colors, and textures at Bountiful Gardens, you're sure to find a hosta that is perfect for you!


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