Landscape Design with Hydrangeas!

BRAND NEW this season, smooth hydrangeas! These hydrangeas have all passed rigorous garden trials and they have proven to be some of the best. They are now on the market and we are one of the first to have them! Unlike macrophylla varieties that have flowers that are dependent on the winter, these bloom vigorously no matter how cold the winter is! AND if you prune them, no worries...the buds are formed in the late spring, not the year before!
5 Types of Hydrangeas
1- Bigleaf (hydrangra macrophylla): most common type found in the U.S. that include mophead, lacecap, and mountain hydrangeas.
2- Panicle (hydrangea paniculata): cone shaped flower heads, large blooms that start white and turn pink, cold hardy, and smaller/thinner leaves.
3-Smooth (hydrangea arborescens)"wild hydrangeas" that are native to the U.S. and can tolerate hotter climates, have heart shaped/thin leaves, a course texture, and long leaf stems that hold the leaf away from the main stem.
4- Oakleaf (hydrangea quercifolia): leaves have a similar shape to a red oak and is the only hydrangea that has foliage that changes color in the fall.
5- Climbing (hydrangea petiolaris): vines with a unique growing structure and large blooms.
Smooth Hydrangea Shrubs at Bountiful Gardens
See below for the many smooth hydrangea shrubs that we have here at Bountiful Gardens so you can get started enjoying their re-blooming nature, sturdy stems, and heart shaped foliage!
Incrediball 'Blush' Hydrangea
(Smooth Hydrangea)

Incrediball hydrangeas are beloved for their stout stems and massive blooms! Incrediball Blush adds a beautiful silvery-pink color to the new series. Blush combined the reliability of the classic ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea with improved stem strength, full blooms, and enormous flowers. You can enjoy this amazing re-blooming hydrangea through frost!

Invincibelle 'Ruby' Hydrangea
(Smooth Hydrangea)

red-flowered, smooth hydrangea! The dark red flower buds of this hydrangea open to a two-toned combination of bright ruby red and silvery pink. Ruby’s foliage is extra dark and stems are extra strong, making this hydrangea gem in any garden. Like most smooth hydrangeas, it also flowers on new growth!

Invincibelle 'Wee White' Hydrangea
(Smooth Hydrangea)

This hydrangea is the first dwarf ‘Annabelle’ type in the world! This cute landscape plant ensures that any landscape can enjoy the reliability, low-maintenance, and season-long beauty of hydrangeas! It only reaches about 2 feet tall and naturally grows as a tidy, rounded mound, with each flower held up on a strong, supportive stem for a display resembling more of a bouquet than a landscape plant. 

'Mini Mauvette' Hydrangea
(Smooth Hydrangea)

A purple hydrangea for cold climate gardeners! This unique hydrangea blooms every year, even in cold climates and is impervious to bad pruning. Same type as the classic ‘Annabelle,’ however, instead of plain white blooms, these flowers are a deep pink-mauve color, and are held upright on strong sturdy stems that don’t flop! Since this is a re-bloomer, it continues clear through frost for an endless supply of flowers for the landscape or vase!

'Lime Rickey' Hydrangea
(Smooth Hydrangea)

An outstanding hydrangea with large, disc-like blooms!Flowers start out a fresh green and age to a rich jade color,all accented with pink pollen for a unique look. The stems on this hydrangea are exceptionally strong, and unlike ‘Annabelle,’have superior strength to summer storms with minimal bending or flopping!


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