PERENNIAL SERIES: Featuring Agastache!

Attract Our Pollinator Friends With...Agastache!

Enjoy watching hummingbirds and butterflies flutter through the abundant Hyssop blossoms!

These showy, fragrant, long-blooming perennials are essential for a pollinator-friendly garden and have excellent resistance to browsing deer and rabbits. They’re loved for their wide range of colored blooms, drought tolerance, and tolerance of poor soil conditions

Agastache Garden Ideas

Also known as giant hyssop, this perennial provides a nectar source for pollinators and is well suited for use in pollinator restoration habitats.

It is a popular ornamental plant with a relatively large heightmaking it a good choice as a background against fencing.

There are many companion plants that grow well with Agastache. Staying with the dry conditions theme, Russian Sage, Lavender, and Rosemary all grow in the similar conditions that Agastache love!

Summer grasses like switch grass, feather reed grass, and fountain grass, all provide flower heads when Agastache is blooming, making a nice visual match in the garden!

Agastache is unique for its scent and flavor as well. Plant these perennials in herb gardens to add color. Its leaves can also be harvested as needed for summer drinks and meals!
Agastache at Bountiful Gardens
We love Agastache! We have many different types of Agastache at Bountiful Gardens that you can view below, ranging in size and color!

'Blue Boa'

winner of numerous awards, this stellar performer deserves a standing ovation! Long-blooming deep-violet clusters on showy flower spikes. Heat and humidity tolerant, Blue Boa is an appealing perennial for summer through fall color in a sun-loving garden! DEER RESISTANT.  

'Little Adder'
showy, compact perennial with plumes of rich purple flowers that attract hummingbirds all summer long! Enjoy the mint-scented foliageand profusion of color in sunny borders, mixed beds, and even containers! DEER RESISTANT. 

'Blue Fortune'
Robust 'Blue Fortune' is a mass of soft powder-blue flower spikes from July onwards, making it a magnet for butterflies and admiring visitors alike. The well-branched stems require no cutting back as the season progresses, and they are a great addition to bouquets. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Kudos Ambrosia'
Cherrful, carefree, summer-long color for beds, borders or containers. This prolific new compact hybrid hasimpeccable habit, increased hardiness, disease resistance andtolerance of wet, cold soilsDEER RESISTANT. 

'Kudos Coral'
Amazingly free flowering and easy to grow, this variety has impeccable habit and long lasting, growing color. Warm, coral colored plumes are dense with a sweet-honey mint scent. A real standout in mixed containers or as border plants! DEER RESISTANT. 

'Kudos Mandarin'
One of several hybrid selection, this is a real workhouse in the garden,flowering nonstop from midsummer well into the autumn months. Forming a low bushy mound and bearing upright spikes of bright orange, fragrant plumes, this Agastache is cold hardy and DEER RESISTANT.

'Kudos Silver Blue'
Soft and clear light blue flowers are held in plump spikes. This variety grows in a low mound with refines, deep green foliage. Exceptional winter hardiness and disease-free foliage makes this one of the most unique Agastache to date! DEER RESISTANT. 

'Kudos Yellow'
With dense, large yellow flowers, this variety supplies a big splash of color in a small, compact habitbeginning in May and lasting throughout the summer! Growing just over 2 feet high and great in a container, this fragrant perennial is often compared to Sunset Yellow but is larger and has a more upright, bushy habit. DEER RESISTANT. 


An open invitation to all pollinators! Whorls of tubular flowers climb the profuse burgundy rose, salvia like spikes.Cooler temperatures bring showy dark foliage to the upright habit and the mint-scented leaves may be added fresh or dry to enhance your favorite tea! DEER RESISTANT. 

'Mango Tango'
Selected for its shorter habit, Mango Tango will also impress you with its vibrant flower color. Individual flowers have dusky rose calyxes and light peach orange flowers, giving this plant an overall red-orange color. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Peachie Keen'
This variety of Agastache 'Peachie Keen' forms a densely compact, rounded clump of aromatic, bright green foliage topped with loads ofapricot peach flowers with complementary purplish pink calyxes for many months beginning in midsummer. Very easy to grow. DEER RESISTANT.

'Purple Haze'
One of the easiest and most rewarding perennials to grow! This new selection produces darker purple flowers than most other hybrids and is very showy in the landscape, especially when planted as a mass. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Rosie Posie'
This variety itself resembles a flock of winged creatures, with slender bright pink petals extending gracefully outward, balancing at the very tips of their stems. Creating striking two-toned blooms that appear at the beginning of summer and keep coming all the way through the fall,Rosie Posie is no sprawler! DEER RESISTANT. 

'Tutti Fruitti'
Also called hummingbird mint, this Agastache is another long bloomingform of this sun-loving, drought tolerant group! The grayish leavesare a perfect backdrop for the large rich pink tubular flowers. DEER RESISTANT. 


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