PERENNIAL SERIES: Featuring Phlox!

June is Perennial Month!!

Loved for its showy blooms all summer!

These reliable, colorful perennials bloom both in early and late summer, in sun and partial shade, and come in a range of beautiful colors that can't be beat! In addition to their summer color, they have a spicy vanilla-clove scent that will fill your perennial garden with birds and butterflies!

And Bountiful Gardens has the largest selection of tall and creeping Phlox around!!

Designing with Phlox

Phlox is such a gorgeous perennial that can be used in a variety of different ways! They make great perennials in groupings and for borders where flowers are welcomed in any color scheme.

There are two types of phlox that you can design with:

Creeping phlox- this easy to grow, deer resistant phlox works well as a ground cover because of its low mounding and spreading qualities! Works well in both areas of your garden that you want to keep low maintenance as well as the showy beds and borders. Let creeping phlox cascade over rocks, low walls or the edge of raised beds!

Tall Garden Phlox- ideal for the back of a border, where it will add a layer of eye-catching color behind other mounding perennials like Daylillies or Black Eyed Susan and Cone flowers like in the picture below!

Phlox at Bountiful Gardens

JUST IN BRAND NEW VARIETIES!! See below for the many varieties of Phlox that we have here at Bountiful Gardens, the largest selection around including members of the Sweet Summer Series and the Early Start series!

'Opening Act Blush'

This naturally dwarf, early blooming phlox will add a long season of color to your garden with its light lavender pink flowers. The dark green, glossy foliage is mildew and disease resistant. With its soft flower coloration, manageable plant size and appealing garden presence, Opening Act Blush would make a great addition to your perennial garden! 

'Opening Act White'
Tall Garden Phlox are a mainstay in the midsummer sun garden and thishybrid Phlox will bloom even earlier, starting in the summer. It boasts a long season of color in addition to being an early bloomer, with pure white flowers appearing on dark green, glossy foliage. The glossy foliage is mildew and disease resistant, an improvement on older varieties of phlox that don’t hold up as well in the heat and humidity of summer. 

Brand new type of phlox that combines the rich color of Tall Garden Phlox with the dome-like habits of a Cushion Phlox.Lavender purple flowers have bright pink eyes and their dark green leaves are disease resistant! The pleasantly fragrant flowers cover the plant nearly all the way to the ground starting in the early summer and continuing all summer long. 

'Purple Kiss'
Purple kiss is one of the newer, high-performing garden phlox with big clusters of violet-purple flowers onsturdy 2 foot stems. A contrasting white eye makes this phlox sparkle in the sun! Great mildew resistanceand is an excellent choice for beds and borders, as well as containers and mixed bouquets. 

'Pure Feelings'
Add an unexpected twist to your summer garden with this unique tall phlox variety! Big, lush blooms emerge in mid to late summer among a palette of white and green. As flowers mature, pink florets begin to make their appearance- all 3 hues being showcased at the same time during the late-summer growing season. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Spring Blue'
A selection of moss phlox! This garden favorite forms a low mound or cushion of dark green needle-like leaves, smothered by flowers in the late spring. This variety produces a showy display of blue, star shaped flowers that make for an excellentground cover because of its low growth and spreading habit. DEER RESISTANT. 

Sweet Summer Series Phlox

What is the Summer Series?? These varieties of phlox features large, fragrant flowers for an unbeatable appeal. There are only 9 colors in the Summer Series and Bountiful Gardens has 5 of them! They have strong disease resistanceand look terrific in a pot or in your perennial border. Some even have colored foliage for added interest, even when they're not flowering! See below for the Summer Series phlox in stock here at Bountiful Gardens.

Sweet Summer 'Fantasy'
Bred for its large, fragrant blooms and disease resistance, Sweet Summer Fantasy is a gorgeous multi-colored addition to your fragrant garden. Blooms look like pinwheels spinning in the wind with their eye-catching colors of white and purple!

Sweet Summer 'Festival'
This member of the Sweet Summer series is part of a stunning series is relatively compact, with light pink blooms centered around a darker pink eye. This is a short, colorful version of the best-selling phlox ‘Bright Eyes!’

Sweet Summer 'Queen'
This variety is relatively compact, bearing salmon and white blooms, accented by a darker eye. Itsvigorous performance and great disease resistance is no different than the other varieties of this wonderful summer series!

Sweet Summer 'Dream'
The scented, flat, slalom-pink flowers have magenta eyes that are held in domed clusters on dark red stems with green leaves. Thecolored foliage is great for continued color after their blooms!This phlox grows into a nice, quite open, upright clump, making it great for smaller border areas. 

Sweet Summer 'Surprise'
This variety features deep, rosy shades of purple with centers that are accented with white streaks. It makes an excellent, fragrant cut flower and is loved by our pollinator friends!

'Early White'

This hybrid selection is very popular for its midsummer display in the border. Part of the Early Start series, this phloxblooms earlier than other traditional paniculate types and produces large clusters of fragrant, pure white flowers. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Early Red'
Living up to its name, you can expect early color from this phlox!This hybrid selection, part of the Early Start series, blooms earlier than other traditional paniculate types and produces clusters of red fragrant flowers. It's also DEER RESISTANT!

'Natural Feelings'
The curious effect and color of this phlox is provided by modified bracts that are normally green but with thisvariety they are roughly striped with a ruddy pink and in the center the pale green petaloid stamensadd a frilly touch!

'Spring Purple'
A strong performer that shows offlavish rich purple blooms on needle like foliage that's evergreen, which makes this plant a colorful choice for erosion control and is alsolow maintenance. 

'Early Cerise'
This series has the earliest bloom time of any other paniculate phlox,blooming 2-3 weeks earlier than other types! Bright fuchsia-pink fragrant flowers appear in the summer for an exceptionally long time, thriving best in partial sun. DEER RESISTANT. 

Very popular for its midsummer display in perennial borders! This compact selection produces large clusters of fragrant, deep red-purple flowers over its dark green foliage. It’s a good compact and vigorousgrower and a generous bloomer.DEER RESISTANT. 

'Amethyst Pearl'
Glossy, bright green foliage stays clean all season long! This hybrid phlox behaves like ‘Minnie Pearl,’spreading slowly. Light amethyst pink flowers with a white eye are produced in panicles in the early summer, re-blooming again in the fall. 

This new garden phlox is notable for its multi-month bloom time and colorful lavender-pink clusters ofsweet fragrant flowers. It’s also exceptionally cold hardy and highly attractive to butterflies! DEER RESISTANT. 

'Glamour Girl'
You won’t be disappointed with this tall phlox! This long-legged beauty stands tall, showing off hot coral pink flowers held on dark purple stems. Glamour Girl maintainsbright green, healthy looking foliage all summer and powers through hot, humid summers with ease.

FLAME 'Light Pink'
This outstanding dwarf selection from the Flame series is one of the shortest introduced in the series! The large clusters of fragrant flowershave soft-pink petals with a rose eye starting in mid-summer. It forms abushy mound, perfect for near the front of a sunny border or in mixed container plantings. 


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