PERENNIAL SERIES: Featuring Coreopsis!

June is Perennial Month!!

One of the easiest perennials to grow! Also known as Tickseed, this perennial features delicate, daisy-like flowers that complement its fine-textured green foliage! With a variety of colors to choose from, Coreopsis will provide you with vibrant yellow, pink, red, orange or purple in your landscape all summer long. It's also low-maintenance, hardy, attracts birds and butterflies, and is deer resistant!!

And Bountiful Gardens has the largest selection of Coreopsis around!!

Coreopsis at Bountiful Gardens

BRAND NEW VARIETIES!! See below for over 20 different varieties of Coreopsis that we have here at Bountiful Gardens, the largest selection around!!

'Sienna Sunset'

A unique color addition to the coreopsis collection! These blossoms, orange overlaid with a burnt sienna and fading as they age to a rich salmon, blend agreeably with coneflowers and complement the dark-leaved heucheras!DEER RESISTANT. 

'Summer Sunshine'
Bright yellow blossoms with exceptionally striking dark eyesdeliver a dazzling display! These flowers last for weeks, providing late-season pollinators with a real treat. It even earned 5 stars in the Mt. Cuba Center’s Coreopsis trials!DEER RESISTANT. 

'Route 66' Threadleaf
Vigorous variety of threadleaf coreopsis with a dramatic flower color! Big, yellow flowers have a beautiful ring of burgundy around the crown that bleeds down the petal tips, becoming the dominant color in the fall. This prolific bloomeradds fantastic color to beds, tall borders, containers and hanging baskets. DEER RESISTANT 

Hardy Jewel' Citrine
A wow plantSo bright, so low, so compact and so showy! Flowers appear right on top of the old ones, giving you months of exciting color.The small, bright yellow daises have a darker golden eye, really making their petal color pop. 

'Pink' Threadleaf
Noted for being one of the only coreopsis with pink flowers! This variety typically grows in dense, bushy clumps up to 2 feet tall. Its blooms appear singly on short stalks in a profuse and lengthy summer bloom, with untoothed rays and yellow center disks! DEER RESISTANT 

UpTick 'Yellow & Red'
Bigger flowers and a longer bloomfor more color in the garden! With many colors to choose from, coreopsis are ideal for any flowerbed or container, with little care needed! DEER RESISTANT 

Lil Band 'Daybreak'

Lil Bang Coreopsis have a super compact habit with prolific blooms! These naturally compact cultivators exhibit the same great disease resistance and long bloom time as the Big Bang series, but measure to about half the height. This variety features deep yellow centers that accent the brightred petals, trimmed in a gold yellow color, providing an eye-catching color to a perennial bed or border! DEER RESISTANT 

Lil Bang'Enchanted Eve'
Enjoy brilliant reds and yellows all season long with this cold-hardy, disease resistant, long bloomingdwarf coreopsis! Bright scarlet and gold and incredibly rewarding and easy to grow. It is incredibly cold hardy and DEER RESISTANT.Perfect for beginners.

Lil Bang'Enchanted Red'
This addition is a stunner with deep red petals and yellow centers that cover this plant’s dense, low, spreading form throughout the summer. Like all Lil Bang selections, Enchanted Red will thrill you with its color, intensity, versatility, and disease resistance in your garden!DEER RESISTANT

Lil Bang 'Orange Elf'
Unique spreading habit! Orange Elf boasts a compact yet spreading habit and vigorous growth. Petals of this lovely coreopsis burst from sunny centers in a red-orange hue and transition to a golden color at their toothed tips. DEER RESISTANT.

Lil Bang 'Red Elf'
Prolific color on a compact habit!Fresh green foliage backs sprite-like, sort, satiny red blooms with frilly, golden-yellow centers. Flower petals are tipped with a frosty white color in the summer heat. Its small, mounded form is perfect for smaller gardens and containers! DEER RESISTANT. 

Lil Bang 'Starlight'
Especially large, white flowers with a burgundy star-shaped eye are produced for several months beginning in the early summer. The eye expands to cover more of the petal surface in cooler temperatures, adding to their seasonal display. This plant also forms a compact mound of medium green foliage that is highly mildew resistant! DEER RESISTANT


Snow-white blossoms with yellow button centers are fresh and inviting! Whatever your color palette, tuck this among your favorites and it works! With its dainty, finely-cut foliage, this coreopsis adds texture and an interesting contrast to surrounding perennials. DEER RESISTANT

'Peach Sparkle'
The perfect low-maintenance,workhorse of a plant that will bloom from early summer all the way through early fall! Deep red centers of the flowers turn a pale yellow at the edges making it a colorful statement in any sunny spot! DEER RESISTANT

'Pink Sapphire'
A treasured jewel to discover in your garden! Vibrant pink, white eyed flowers bloom early in the summer for you to enjoy all season long. DEER RESISTANT

This award winning coreopsis has the unique combination of a dwarf habit and large flowers! A plethora of 2 inch diameter, golden yellow, semi-double to double flowers are produced atop compact, rounded mounds of dark green foliage. A very showy perennial! DEER RESISTANT

'Rising Sun'
Masses of yellow semi-double-blooms with a red fleck in the center of each petal cover the plant over a long season, flowering earlier than other varieties! This makes agreat perennial for wildflower and cottage gardens, especially along the front of a border. 

'Show Stopper'
show stopper it is! This cultivator is one of the most floriferous and longest-blooming selections with its bright, fuchsia-colored flowers.Great for edging in the sunny border, or planting in mixed containers!DEER RESISTANT 

'Sunshine Superman'
Blooms non-stop from mid-summer to fall! This variety is more tolerant of hot, dry sites than most other coreopsis selections. Looks beautiful towards the front of a sunny border or in containers. DEER RESISTNANT

Hardy Jewel 'Ruby Frost'
Ruby Frost adds clear, unique color to the garden with 16-inch-tall blooms in a true bright red. With awhite edge and yellow center, the spectacular color adds drama to the garden while attracting hummingbirds and butterflies to the blossoms! This easy-to-growperennial requires little maintenance and will thrive in poor soils. DEER RESISTANT.

The brightest yellow! This new variety is amazing due to its huge, 3” wide golden yellow flowers with burgundy red centers. This beautiful, heat tolerant plant will finish quickly to form a well-branched and floriferous habit.

'American Dream'
Rosy-pink, daisy-like flowers with yellow centers cover the fine-textured foliage from summer to fall. A fine addition to perennial borders, especially if you want something different than the original yellow color of coreopsis! This compact selection is also excellent for cutting. DEER RESISTANT. 

Big Bang 'Mercury Rising'

A color breakthrough! The first truly hardy, red-flowering coreopsis! Deep red velvet flowers bloom summer through fall all over this fine-textured foliage. A well-branched selection that has excellent disease resistance and is a great choice for easy-care borders, perennial beds, and container arrangements. DEER RESISTANT. 

Big Bang 'Star Cluster'
Sparkling, creamy white petals with deep purple patches surround a honey-colored eye during the cooler days of the early summer and fall! Because the plants never set seed, they will just keep on flowering. An easy-care variety that pairs well with purple coneflowers. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Moonbeam' Threadleaf
A profusion of creamy yellow flowers on this refined, airy form creates a showy display in sunny borders and beds! It is also well-suited for containers and hanging baskets and withstands heat and humidity excellently. DEER RESISTANT 

'Sweet Marmalade'
Enjoy these blooms from summer to early autumn! Stunning flowers open deep orange in the spring, then mellow to a soft apricot yellow in the summer time. Their color actually turn brighter in the extreme heat!DEER RESISTANT. 

Such bright flowers for such a small plant! Zagreb features golden flowers that are a charming addition to your sunny garden. They appear on pure green, slender foliagecontinuously from early summer right into fall. The dainty finely-cut foliage also adds texture and an interesting contrast to surrounding perennials! DEER RESISTANT. 

Big Bang 'Cosmic Evolution'

Offering large 2-3” flowers nearly the size of some cosmos in early summer, this showy selection produces sterile creamy white flowers with a gold button center. During the cooler months, the flowers can display a significant amount of magenta which radiates out of the center, bringing you a gorgeous display when most others are stopping their blooms!DEER RESISTANT


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