PERENNIAL SERIES: Featuring Trumpet Honeysuckle Vines!

Trumpet Honeysuckles
Hummingbird Attractors and Fragrant Bloomers all Summer long!
Everyone recognizes that lovely fragrance of a honeysuckle plant! These flowering vines typically bloom in the spring and summer months, are heat tolerant AND deer resistant! They make great additions to any landscape and will draw abundant wildlife to your landscape with their sweet blooms!
The flashy and fragrant flowers of the trumpet honeysuckle attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your landscape all summer long. Hummingbirds LOVE the tubular, vibrant flowers that arrive on honeysuckles! To sustain their supercharged metabolisms, hummingbirds must eat once every 10 to 15 minutes and visit between 1,000 to 2,000 flowers per day!

Hummingbirds are important to the ecological system because they're such a unique bird. Three quarters of the world's flowers depend on insects, birds and bats for pollination! Of the 200 species of nectar-producing plants in North America, 150 of those depend on the hummers for seed dissemination, dispersal of pollen and regeneration. If plants don't pollinate, fertilize and reproduce, they will die.Therefore, can we conclude that is not for the hummingbird, some species of nectar-producing flowers would die and become extinct?? Probably. 

So plant a trumpet honeysuckle to help hummingbirds get their nectar for pollination!
Father's Day is right around the corner and the Trumpet Honeysuckle is such a thoughtful gift for the dad who loves the outdoors and catching site of hummingbirds outside! Not only can you get dad a thoughtful Father's Day gift.. but you can plant it with him too, adding to your memories together!
Trumpet Honeysuckles at Bountiful Gardens
See below for the many honeysuckle vines we have here at Bountiful Gardens so you can get started enjoying their sweet fragrance and attracting the hummingbirds and butterflies to your landscape!
Lonicera 'Peaches and Cream' (Trumpet Honeysuckle)
This exciting, new, compact honeysuckle blooms from spring through summer with vibrant flowers that exude a wonderful fragrance! Striking clusters of deep magenta flower buds open to reveal white interiors that mature to a peachy cream. Resistant to mildew and heat, drought and humidity tolerant, this honeysuckle is unique from other varieties! Climb this vine up a fence, lamp post, arbor, or trellis with minimal support! DEER RESISTANT!

Lonicera 'Blanche Sandman' (Trumpet Honeysuckle)
This beauty is a compact grower with a spectacular show of long, orange-yellow throated tubular flowers. Provide support for this twining vine to crawl along a fence or trellis! It’s perfect for creating acolorful wall in a bird friendly garden and because of its vining habit, it’s also a great choice for courtyards and other smaller spaces.DEER RESISTANT!

Lonicera 'Serotina' (Trumpet Honeysuckle)
Deliciously honey-scented! A part shade lover, this honeysuckle produces flowers from late spring to the first frosts with fragrant flowers eventually giving way to translucent red berries. It is regarded as one of the best honeysuckles because it combines great flower color with a powerful fragrance! DEER RESISTANT!

Lonicera 'Sweet Tea' (Trumpet Honeysuckle)
Cold hardy and compact, evergreen vine! Fragrant flowers flush a clear light yellow and white, and bloom all summer on this shrub with a somewhat vining, dense growth habit. This honeysuckle is suitable for smaller gardens and patio containers, and sprawls gently along a fence or trellis with their display of bright colors!

Lonicera 'Alabama Crimson' (Trumpet Honeysuckle)
Clusters of crimson and yellow flowers cover this vine in the late spring, then off and on again all the way until frost! These flowers are very attractive to hummingbirds, and their foliage remains a blue-green color well into the winter months. Grow this vine on a trellis or pole for climbing, or keep them low to grow as a spreading ground cover! DEER RESISTANT.


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