PERENNIAL SERIES: Featuring Monarda!

     June is Perennial Month!! 

A traditional favorite for the perennial border, with a striking display of richly-colored flowers through the summer months!

Also known as Bee Balm, this perennial is that one for you if you’re trying to add more native, pollinator-friendly perennials to your garden! Butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees love this perennial, and so will you! With both fragrant foliage and colorful flowers, Bee Balm is ideal in your perennial garden!

Fun Facts About Monarda

Growing Monarda near tomatoes in the garden is said to improve the health and flavor of the tomatoes!

Monarda is the natural source of the antiseptic Thymol, the primary active ingredient in some kinds of mouthwash.
The foliage of Monarda is often dried and used later in herbal teas for flavor.

Monarda has a long history of being used by some tribes of Native Americans as a medicinal plant to cure infections and minor wounds!

Monarda at Bountiful Gardens
JUST IN BRAND NEW VARIETIES!! See below for the many varieties of Monarda that we have here at Bountiful Gardens, so you can start attracting those pollinators!


The intoxicating fragrance and nectar-rich qualities of this bee balm variety is a highly fragrant pollinator heaven!Spotted yellow-white blossoms and pink bracts are whorled around the stems of this low-growing, early-bloomingperennial. Excellent for naturalistic planting schemes and meadows! DEER RESISTANT. 

'Balmy Lilac'
Boldy colored, shaggy, lilac-purpleflowers bloom in abundance atop acompact plant with very dark green fragrant minty-basil scented foliage.This variety also resists powdery mildew better than others! Plant in mass for an inviting display of color in sunny borders. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Balmy Pink'
Compact and early flowering,Balmy Pink is a dwarf variety which produces bright pink flowers, born in dense terminal heads. Its delightfullyfragrant foliage of dark green, lance-shaped leaves is attractive even when it’s not in bloom. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Balmy Purple'
This more compact selectionfeatures purple flowers, arrange in large, shaggy heads, an ideal size for the middle of a sunny border.Fragrant foliage and good powdery mildew resistance. A favorite to both butterflies and hummingbirds!DEER RESISTANT. 

'Balmy Rose'
This dwarf bee balm produces vividrosy-pink flowers resting upon a whorl of decorative bracts that will attracts your pollinator friends. Best mildew resistance of today’s commercial cultivators with a very floriferous and compact habit. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Coral Reef'
This Canadian selection produces heads of large, shaggy, deep pink flowers in the mid to late summer.Similar to the color of ‘Marsha’s Delight’ but in a smaller size and excellent for cutting! DEER RESISTANT. 

'Pink Frosting'
This mid-sized selection from the Sugar Buss Series has shaggy, pastel pink flowers. The foliage smells like mint when crush and displays an above average resistance to powdery mildew.DEER RESISTANT. 

'Raspberry Wine'
Erect stems support uniquely shaped berry red tubular flowers. Large leaves sport wine colored highlights and their outstanding blossoms smell wonderful! Flower buds resemble raspberries and the leaves can be used to flavor teas. A carefree strong grower! DEER RESISTANT. 

'Grape Gumball'
In midsummer, this member of the Sugar Buzz series forms a solid dome of vibrant magenta, 2-2.5 inch flowers on strong, well-branched stems. The dark green foliage forms an upright clump that will fill out containers nicely but won’t run all over the garden. It displays above average resistance to powdery mildew. DEER RESISTANT. 

Bee-You Series

Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds love them! These newbee balms are mildew free, covered in flowers, the perfect size and available in colors to bring any outdoor space to life! Many selections have deep maroon or purple bracts that make the flower colors appear even deeper and more enticing. 

'Bee-You Bee-lieve'
Beautiful, baby pink flowers, accented by maroon bracts look like a necklace on this bee balm. Plant with purple phlox, Russian sage, or red leaved plants for an invigorating, smoothing display! DEER RESISTANT.

'Bee-You Bee-True'
Raspberry red flowers with centersthat look like a red velvet cupcake,make this new bee balm a hit for any sunny spot! Place this beauty in a decorative pot as an accent or in a combo pot on your patio. DEER RESISTANT. 


Dense ball-shaped flowers in red, punch some color into the border or patio container! The abundant flowers of this variety are held close atop their dense foliage and have fringy petals that almost seem to burst from the top of the bloom like a little firework display! DEER RESISTANT. 

'Grand Parade'
This variety of bee balm is a hybridof the famous American wildflower with the bright red crown-shaped flowers, a description of the large scarlet blooms that everyone and every hummingbird loves! This hardy, mildew-resistant cultivator produces an abundance of lavender-purple flowers on mid-sized plants.DEER RESISTANT. 

'Jacob Cline'
This fast grower whorls with scarlet red tubular flowers, blending perfectly with prairie wildflowers and herbs! Single plants make a great show but groups heighten their eye-catching effect! Dark green leaves also have an aroma of mint and basil. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Grand Parade'
A real charmer! Clear pink flowers differ from most bee balms, with full round flower ball shapes! This variety is a nice step forward in the monarda family with foliage releasing a spicy fragrance when crushed. Can even be made to make herbal tea! DEER RESISTANT. 

'Petite Delight'
The first dwarf monarda with mildew resistant foliage to be introduced! Lavender-rose flowers top the square stems of this monarda from midsummer to fall. Blooms are even more enhanced by the lush dark green, crinkled foliage which forms a compact mound. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Pink Lace'
This mid-sized selection is the perfect size for the middle of the flower border. Medium pink flowers are produces atop densely rounded clumps of bright green foliage frommidsummer to early fall. Unlike most varieties, this one flowers on the first year’s cuttings! DEER RESISTANT. 

'Purple Rooster'
Large, true royal purple flowerswere produced over most of the summer on clean, mildew-free plants that never required staking despite their three foot height! The aromatic foliage is often favored in teas. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Pardon My Cerise'
Tuck the sweet and petite 'Pardon My Cerise' into the front of your flower border where it will create a colorful edge of dark cherry pink flowers in high summer. Butterflies adore it!DEER RESISTANT. 

'Pardon My Purple'
This Monarda is a petite perennial that can fill any gaps in your garden bed! Reaching just a foot tall at maturity, this compact selection forms a well-branches clump of deep green, glossy foliage. Use it as a border where it will create a colorful edge of fuchsia purple flowers in summer. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Pardon My Lavender'
From mid through late summer, light lavender pink flowers sit just at the top of the foliage of this Monarda. The insides of the flowers are a lighter pink, giving the flower a three-dimensional look! Though the plant may be dwarf, the flowers are the same size as taller selections!DEER RESISTANT. 

'Pardon My Pink'

A punchy addition to summer gardens and border, Pardon My Pink is a sweet little perennial that can be tucked anywhere a splash of color is needed. Loaded with charming pink blooms, it will create character and whimsy wherever it grows! Compact, heavy blooming plant is cold hardy and fantastically resistant to the dreaded mildew and DEER RESISTANT. 


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