PERENNIAL SERIES: Featuring Butterfly Bushes!

June is Perennial Gardening Month
Featuring.....Butterfly Bushes!!
Butterfly bushes have been a sensation in American gardens for years! It's a magnificent shrub that adds color, fragrance, and wildlife to your sunny perennial garden. It's also easy to grow, blooms profusely, and has a magic quality that butterflies can’t resist! They emit a special honey-scented fragrance that lures butterflies in and once they’re there, they find the flower’s super-rich nectar!

Butterfly Bushes are just starting to bloom, so this is the perfect time to get one for Father's Day!
Why is it important to plant pollinator-friendly plants?
Most flowering plants depend on butterflies for pollination. It’s an essential part of plant reproduction, so we need to provide them the necessary nectar for food. Butterfly bushes are great for this and they bloom all summer long into the fall, providing butterflies with an extended food source!

Butterfly Bushes at Bountiful Gardens

See below for the many butterfly bushes that we have here at Bountiful Gardens, so you can get dad something for Father's Day that he can enjoy for years!
Buddleia 'Attraction' Butterfly Bush

Attraction is one of the most exciting Buddleia to come along in years! This open, airy, vase-shaped shrub shoots up 6-8 feet tall and wide, but you can keep them any size you’d like with some trimming. Blooms rise on wands a foot long, arching in all directions, creating aunique and colorful display. Most butterfly bushes are purple, butAttraction breaks new ground with its cranberry red!

Buddleia Flutterby 'Pink' Butterfly Bush

The Flutterby Petite serious is a unique group of dwarf butterfly bushes that are uniformly dwarf and essentially sterile, making them useful in many areas, Blooming all summer, this butterfly bush is perfect for flower beds and containers, with spikes of pink flowers that are irresistible to pollinators.  

Buddleia Flutterby Petite 'Blue Heaven' Butterfly Bush

Blue Heaven’s beautiful blue/purple blooms are accented by itssilver, fuzzy foliage, giving it an outstanding appearance. It’s a compact grower that forms a mounded, spreading form withcontinuous blooms from summer all the way until frost!

Buddleia 'Cranrazz' Butterfly Bush

Cranrazz sports vibrant cranberry to raspberry red colorthroughout the summer flowering period with large full blooms reading up to 8 inches long! This is a great variety for single plantings as well as creating a hedge row for privacy. It also makes a stunning addition to cut flower arrangements and is drought tolerant!

Buddleia 'Pink Delight' Butterfly Bush

An easy background or accent plant with a compact habit, perfect for a sunny perennial border! Pink Delight is a big favorite, often planted with white and purple for a multi-colored show of flowers. Itslong wands of deep-pink flowers on tall clumps also make it excellent for cutting. 

Buddleia 'White Profusion' Butterfly Bush

If you are looking for something a little less bright than the average butterfly bush for your landscape, then this is the one for you! This butterfly bush is a steady, reliable bloomer of pure white flowers with delightful yellow eyes. This is an ornamental bush with a lot to offer. You’ll be amazed at the multitude of butterflies your shrub will draw to your yard ever summer!

Buddleia 'True Blue' Butterfly Bush

Your traditional butterfly bush! True Blue adds the color of a traditional blue buddleia to your landscape from summer to fall. Its strong stems and upright habit is great for borders, embankments, landscape plantings, as well as in mixed containers. 

Buddleia 'Prince Charming' Butterfly Bush

Looking for something new to liven up your off season garden?Look no further! This butterfly bush features stunning, one-of-a-kind raspberry pink blooms which smell like honey and incite masses of pollinators from miles around! Prince Charming is well suited for back of border where it can brighten up her summer to fall landscape. Easier to care and drought resistant, this butterfly bush really has it all!

Buddleia 'Royal Red' Butterfly Bush

Spectacular summer color from conical clusters of rich, purple-red flowers! The nectar-rich flowers have a splendid fragrance making it a beautiful selection with a naturally relaxed habit giving it a loftier, shorter appearance than taller varieties. Makes a great background or accent plant for a perennial border or cutting garden!


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