HOW TO: Properly Take Care of Your Fig Tree

Fig Trees!

Yes, you can grow figs in New Jersey! You may think that getting a fig tree to survive over the winter is impossible, but it’s not! Whether you have your fig tree in a pot or planted in your yard, you can take steps to ensure that your fig tree will be happy and healthy after the winter months! 

Planted Outside
Not everyone can plant their fig trees in pots and move them inside for the winter. So when you plant your fig, make sure that you put it in an area in the landscape with southern, full sun exposure. It is also best to plant it near your house, where it will stay warmer in the winter months and be more protected from the cold and wind. Winterizing your planted fig is important and you will be happy you did when you’re enjoy next season’s fruits! Prune away any branches that are weak or diseased. Place a thick layer of mulch on the ground over the roots for extra protection. Wrap your fig tree in layers of burlap, keeping in mind that with each layer you want to leave the top open to allow moisture and heat to escape. Then, wrap the whole tree in plastic or bubble wrap so the burlap doesn’t get soaked throughout the winter. For extra precaution before applying the plastic, you can even put up wiring around the tree and fill it with straw or leaves. 

In Pots
Growing your fig trees in pots can be the safer way to ensure that your fig will thrive the following year. As the weather gets cooler in the fall, ease up on watering. The cooler temperatures will make the sap drop low in the tree and leaves will yellow and fall off (which is good). Once the leaves have fallen off and frosts are approaching, move the container into a garage with the ideal temperature being 32-50 degrees. Keep the plant in darkness so the fig stays in dormancy and new growth does not happen too quickly. Water only once a month!

Fig Trees at Bountiful Gardens

See below for the many fig trees that we have here at Bountiful Gardens, so you can get dad something for Father's Day that he can enjoy for years!

Ficus Carica 'Bensonhurst Purple' Fig Tree

Savor the sweet, dark mahogany fruit with rich flesh with this amazing fig! Perhaps the most cold hardy fig, Bensonhurst will yield large amounts of fruit in the garden or dwarfed in containers. Thislong-lived plant is a must have heirloom!

Ficus Carica 'Italian Everbearing' Fig Tree

This Italian delight is similar to the Brown Turkey, except larger!Italian Everbearing is a large reddish-brown fig with pink, sweet flesh. It also primarily grows as a large bush with strong, dense growth and will handle cold winters if properly protected. 

Ficus Carica 'Peter's Honey' Fig Tree

An attractive tree with an interesting winter appearance!Originating in Sicily, this fig produces especially delicious, sweet, sot-skinned, yellow-green fruit in the summer time. It needs sun and plenty of heat to ripen the fruit! They are often root hardy and prolific in out zone if sheltered or planted against a south-facing wall or up against a house.

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Ficus Carica 'Vern's Brown Turkey' Fig Tree

Vern’s Brown Turkey has proven itself a reliable and productive variety! It bears large, sweet and flavorful, dark brown figs with light amber flesh. One of the easiest to grow, these fig trees are happy outdoors with winter protection. This sweet, delectable fruit issomething you need to try!


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