PERENNIAL SERIES: Featuring Lavender!

Lavender: The Well Rounded Perennial!
Fragrant flowers and foliage make this perennial an instant favorite!

Lavender, an herb with many culinary uses, also makes a stunning addition to borders and perennial gardens, providingsweeping drifts of color and fragrance from early summer to fall! Lavender thrives in poor or moderately fertile soil, is low maintenance and drought tolerant once established. Their silvery-green foliage and upright flower spikes are loved by butterflies but disliked by deer and can be harvested for fragrant arrangements, essential oils, and culinary recipes!

How to Have Success With Lavender

Originating in the Mediterranean, lavender prefers hot sunny days, dry air and well-drained soil. Now, lavender can be successfully grown in the higher humidity of our area! There are lavender for almost any setting. Just follow these 4 important rules:

1-Sun: Lavender loves sun! Plant them in a sunny spot with plenty of air circulation. 6-8 hours of sun is best, but some afternoon shade is okay.

2-Air: Good air circulation is essential. Plant with ample spacing, keeping in mind the mature size of your plant when in bloom and allow for a little extra space for good circulation.

3-Soil: Well-drained soil! This is possibly the most important. You can add sand or small gravel if your soil is too compact. In areas where drainage may be a problem, mound the soil up to create a raised row.
4-Water: During lavender's first year, it needs to establish a good root system so it will require regular watering. The following year it will need less watering, and by year 3 it will have reached its mature size and shouldn't need extra water.

Lavender at Bountiful Gardens

See below for the different varieties of lavender that we have in stock so you can get started enjoying their summer blooms, sweet aroma, and the butterflies they attract to you landscape!

'Big Time Blue'

Big, abundant flowers on a compact lavender that is perfect for pots, perennial borders, or massed as a flowering hedge. Aromatic, silvery green foliage contrasts beautifully with its darker flower color. The fragrant, nectar richflowers come early on and continue until fall, attracting butterflies to your garden all season long! DEER RESISTANT. 

'Blue Cushion'
This compact lavender shrub forms the perfect ‘cushion’ of grey-green foliage! Continuous blooms of deep purple arrive throughout the season, fading to pale lavender with age. Inherb gardens, perennial borders, or planted in containers, this English Lavender keeps you in scent and color all season long! DEER RESISTANT

'Essence Purple
Essence Purple forms a perfect rounded ball-shaped, dense clump of green foliage. This plant retains its shape all season without opening up or discoloring! It starts to bloom about 10 days earlier than standard Lavenders, producing an overflow of bright, blueberry colored flower spikes for many weeks. The stems are just the right length for cutting fresh or dried bouquets as well! DEER RESISTANT.

This versatile, fragrant evergreen shrub has many uses beyond the herb garden! Deep purple flower spikes above mounds of gray-green foliage provide great color to the front of shrub borders or in rock gardens. It is also highly effective in mass plantings and useful for perfumes and oilsDEER RESISTANT.

'Mini Blue'
With its compact size, Mini Blue is aperfect choice for borders, containers, and rock gardens. This shorter variety of English Lavender grows to reach about a foot and their fragrant blooms attract butterflies and are DEER RESISTANT. 

'Silver Mist'
This unique English lavender forms compact mounds perfectly sized for edging and containers, producing an intense fragrance. The deep purple flower spikes bloom a bit later than other varieties and continue through summer. DEER RESISTANT.

'Platinum Blonde'

Lavender 'Platinum Blonde' offers broad gray-green and cream variegated leaves that boast a sweet fragrance and purple-blue flowers. Due to its compact growth habit,Platinum Blonde is well suited to growing in containers. Prefers full sun and well-draining soils. DEER RESISTANT.

'Super Blue'
This English Lavender creates a spectacular and fragrant show in the summer garden. Its characterized by its deep violet-colored flowers,medium green-colored foliage, and mounded compact growth habit. Its also free flowering and tolerant of heat and humidity. DEER RESISTANT.

'Silver Mist'
This unique English lavender forms compact mounds perfectly sized for edging and containers, producing an intense fragrance. The deep purple flower spikes bloom a bit later than other varieties and continue through summer. DEER RESISTANT.

'Dilly Dilly'
This unique English lavender forms compact mounds perfectly sized for edging and containers, producing an intense fragrance. The deep purple flower spikes bloom a bit laterthan other varieties and continue through summer. DEER RESISTANT.

Elegant, sweetly fragranced mounds of silver foliage burst with purple-blue flower spikes in thesummer and again in the fall. Thiscold-hardy lavender doesn't die back in the winter like other varieties and is notable for its disease and heat tolerance. Did we mention it's edible and DEER RESISTANT?!

Many people describe Provence asone of the best lavenders for humid summers, one of the lavenders with the strongest fragrance, and one of the best for creating hedges. This bloomer provides a great display of large flower spikes featuring a beautiful pale lavender color from mid to late summer. Provence is great for herb gardens, border, or rock gardens and provides an amazing effect when mass planted. This lavender is also a real magnet for bees and butterflies! DEER RESISTANT


This compact, early-flowering English lavender cultivator is a semi-woody perennial that typically grow 12-18 inches tall and wide. Lavender blue flowers appear in terminal spikes in the late spring and continue well into summer. Munstead is considered for a wide variety of uses and not just relegated to a corner of an herb garden.. The flowers and green-gray leaves provide mid-summer color that contrast to the perennial border front, rock garden, herb garden or scented garden.


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