PERENNIAL SERIES: Featuring Echinacea!

June is Perennial Month!!

Vibrant color all summer and into fall!

Also known as Coneflower, this perennial features has big, bright flowers that appear in late June and keep coming until September! These plants thrive in average soils or hot, dry conditions, shrug off the cold, attract pollinators, are DEER RESISTANT and are equally at home in full sun or partial shade! What's not to love?! Their blooms also last well as cut or dried flowers and the large cone at the heart of the flower head turns black as the seeds mature, adding further interest!

And Bountiful Gardens has the largest selection of Echinacea around!!

Echinacea at Bountiful Gardens

JUST IN BRAND NEW VARIETIES!! See below for over 20 different varieties of Echinacea that we have here at Bountiful Gardens, the largest selection around!!

'Firey Meadow Mama'

Deep gold, slightly droopy petals are highlighted by a fire-red halo surrounding a deep red cone. This coneflower willlight up and enhance any full sun garden! This new beauty also makes the perfect pot full of flowers on a patio or porch all by itself, or in a mixed container with purple leaved grasses and coral-bells! DEER RESISTANT.

'Cherry Fluff'
A double-flowered coneflower! This selection features ray petals in soft pink surrounding a lime greencenter. This variety is compact with awell-branched, strong and bushy habit. DEER RESISTANT. 

'DoubleScoop Cranberry'
Vigorous blooms! This compactplant features giant, cranberry-colored blooms, perfect for borders or mixed containers. It continues blooming for months, and at the end of the season, dried flower heads all fall interest in the garden! DEER RESISTANT

Named for the brilliant yellow Cleopatra Butterfly, the blossoms of this fantastic new coneflower mimics its namesake! Incredibly vibrant golden yellow, fragrant flowers with a large, orange cone are produced on very strong, well-branched stemsabove a stocky clump of compact, deep green foliage. Compact andDEER RESISTANT.

Butterfly: 'Purple Emperor'
Purple Emperor adds a different color the Butterfly series! This variety produces large, fragrant, saturated magenta purple blossoms on sturdy, well-branches stems that are held in perfect proportion to the bushy clump of deep green foliage. With age, the tips of the petals turn a bit lighter pink but the center remains! DEER RESISTANT

'Pow Wow White'
Add a WOW factor to your sun-loving garden! Large, pure white flowers with yellow-gold centersbrighten the garden from early summer to fall. This perennial forms aneat, compact mound with sturdy, upright stems that don’t require deadheading! DEER RESISTANT.

'Playful Meadow Mama'

Vastly improved form whose sturdy stems have multiple branches! And you know what that means…more flowers! Huge, 7” wide, ruby pink blooms with recurved ray petals are held high above dense mounds of foliage with the central cone is coppery-orange and flattened. DEER RESISTANT.

'Rainbow Marcella'
Another hardy cultivator of the popular Butterfly series! Rainbow Marcella brings easy, bright color to the garden with an abundance of fresh, coral pink blooms that take ondeeper shades of pink as the season progresses. The single petaled blooms will retain their gorgeous coloring until the first frost!DEER RESISTANT.

distinctive selection of the native Purple Coneflower, this fairycompact perennial is an ideal height for sunny borders and growing in mixed containers! The large and fragrant blooms have a row of clear white petals surrounding a large central cone of mossy green. DEER RESISTANT

'White Swan'
This perennial is a magnet for butterflies! White Swan is a tall plant with large, dark green leaves and equally as large 3-4” flowers that are white, broad, and silky that surround a dark brown/bronze cone. Their roots have famous medicinal qualities, and they make great, long lasting, cut flowers and attract numerous butterflies and small birds!DEER RESISTANT

'Evening Glow'
This Echinacea is especially unique with its bi-color petals! Each flower displays yellow petals that reach out to warm shades of apricot and deep rose. Evening Glow attracts butterflies and birds with its showy colors to the garden. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Green Jewel'
This incredibly unique Echinacea features light green ray petalssurrounding large, green cone of this fragrant coneflower. The plants have an upright habit and a mature height of up to 2 feet. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Solar Flare'

New color! This Coneflower is a kind of deep magenta red,with red being the dominant color, and purple petal backs. As the flowers pass their prime, they age to an attractive smoky rose color. The enormous 5-6”, strongly fragrant flowershave horizontally held ray petals, making this flower seem even larger! DEER RESISTANT.

'Green Twister'
Eye-popping lime green bloomswith magenta purple centers are truly a stand out! Instead of curving downward, this Echinacea’s petals curve gently forward giving them a decidedly different look, adding to its allure! Your garden will radiate uniqueness! DEER RESISTANT.

'Hot Papaya'
A breakthrough in Echinacea breeding! These magnificent blooms are the first ever orange-red double coneflowers. The color stays true and doesn’t fade! The fragrant flowers are borne on strong stems and make excellent cutting flowers. DEER RESISTANT. 

Named for the glowing orange Julia Butterfly, the blossoms of this fantastic new coneflower mimics its namesake! Julia features glowing tangerine orange, fragrant flowerswith a deep copper cone that is produced on very strong, well-branched stems above a stocky clump of compact, deep green foliage. As flowers age, they lighten a bit to a golden orange. DEER RESISTANT. 

'Kim's Knee High'
A wonderful dwarf form of the popular coneflower with rose-pink, drooping flower petals surrounding an orange center. This well behaved, easy to grow and is highly favored by butterflies. Always one of the loveliest wildflowers on the plains!DEER RESISTANT. 

This variety is a distinctive, vigorous and large growing flower. The bright reddish-pink petals of tis huge flowers are held flat as they radiate out from the cone, instead of curving backwards as is typical of most other coneflowers. DEER RESISTANT.

'Orange Skipper'
Swift grower! This beauty often reaches its mature size in the first growing season! Named after the Orange Skipper butterfly, the brighttangerine-orange single flowersbloom on compact, sturdy plants.Expect lots of butterflies in your garden as they flit and flutter there way throughout this amazing plant to sip the nectar of their blooms! DEER RESISTANT

'Pica Bella'
Unusual, abundant, deep pink flowers with large cones attract butterflies to a wide range of landscape settings! This prolific bloomer is beautiful in perennial, wildflower, cutting, or mixed gardens and will tolerate periods of drought once it’s established! DEER RESISTANT

'Ruby Giant'
A vastly improved form whose sturdy stems have multiple branches! And you know what that means…more flowers! Huge, 7” wide, ruby pink blooms with recurved ray petals are held high above dense mounds of foliage with the central cone is coppery-orange and flattened. DEER RESISTANT.

'Santa Fe'
Glowing magenta red bloomsbursting into wide-petaled 5-6” daisy-like flowers cover this perennial on nearly black stems. The intensely fragrant blooms are a defusing aroma through the garden for pollinators! DEER RESISTANT.

Wine colored stems display rich, pink flowers with huge golden orange cones, with blooms that are fragrant and long lasting! Excellent for attracting butterflies. DEER RESISTANT. 

Long-lasting vanilla-white double flowers feature an attractive yellow center. This perennial is excellent for meadow gardens and makes a strong, showy addition to traditional beds, borders and containers. Comparable to the 'Coconut Lime' variety. DEER RESISTANT.

Sombrero 'Lemon Yellow'

Sunny, lemon yellow blooms are sure to brighten a summer border! This perennial is a must-have for a cutting garden. Sombrero Lemon Yellow was bred for cold hardiness and compact form with prolific flowering over an exceptionally long season! They are very well-branched, sturdy plants that bulk up quickly and are loaded with buds! DEER RESISTANT.

Sombrero 'Salsa Red'
A must have for sunny gardens!This drought tolerant perennial was bred for cold hardiness and sports a compact form with prolific flowers over an exceptionally long season. Their big, bright red blooms make for an easy, colorful summer border!DEER RESISTANT.

Sombrero 'Granada Gold'
This variety stands out for its endless profusion of vibrant golden blooms that just wont fade on an exceptionally well-branches, sturdy plant! Sombrero Granada Gold has excellent winter hardiness and insures that you’ll be able to enjoy this long blooming gem in the seasons to come! DEER RESISTANT.

Sombrero 'Flamenco Orange'
Large, bright orange-red petals surround brown center cones,forming showy blooms ideal for easy, colorful summer border and cutting gardens. Bred for cold hardinessand a compact form with prolific flowering over an exceptionally long season. DEER RESISTANT.

Sombrero 'Blanco'
Enjoy pristine, white blossoms with large coppery cones from late spring into fall with this Sombrero variety! Its amazing sturdy, compact foliage and tight bloom stalks add to its charm. With a long blooming period, it makes a great choice in beds, mass plantings and butterfly or cutting gardens! DEER RESISTANT.


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