SPIREA: Seasonal Interest with Color Changing Foliage!

Seasonal Interest with Color Changing Foliage!
What’s not to love about spireas?! These shrubs have been loved for years for their eye-catching beauty, fast growth rate, hardiness, easy care, and deer resistance! Their colorful foliage changes seasonally and they show off their blooms either during the spring or summer, adding to their continued interest! They make great foundation plantings to mix with evergreens for a pop of color in the landscape, and we have so many to choose from here at Bountiful Gardens!
Brand New Variety!

Spirea 'Double Painted Lady'

BRAND NEW and just the plant to beautify your landscape! If you love variegated plants and love them even more when they’re easy to care for, then Double Play Painted Lady belongs in your landscape! Splashy green, yellow, and cream variegated leaves ensure a non-stop show, even when the plant isn’t covered with its bright pink blooms in the springtime. It’s even DEER RESISTANT, drought tolerant,and grows well in both sun or partial shade! 
More Spirea at Bountiful Gardens

Double Play Red
The only spirea with red flowers!This is a color breakthrough, with showy dark burgundy spring foliage followed by red flowers, you’ve got the perfect double play!Attracting birds and butterflies with their blooms, this spirea is an ideal landscape plant for difficult areas where other plants have failed. You can’t go wrong with their lively, adaptable beauty and easy care! 

Poprocks Rainbow Fizz
Bring a burst of color to your landscape with Poprocks Rainbow Fizz! Just like the nostalgic treat from childhood, the pop and fizzle of color combinations throughout the season is both surprising and fun!Foliage emerges a copper color,changing to yellow with red tips in the spring and finishing with a deep copper red in the fall for non-stop color change! This compact, easy to grow shrub can be planted in a mixed border, along a walkway, or in a patio container. DEER RESISTANT

Gold Mound
Vibrant golden spring foliage,accented by clusters of pink flowers, cools to a yellowish greenin the summer then to a rich, yellow orange in the fall. This spirea makes a super accent planting, or also looks great in mass plantings! For thebest possible color display, plant in a sunny location! DEER RESISTANT.

First Editions Superstar
This superstar has a small, compact form. Foliage is deep green, showing off the sunning scarlet red new growth to its best advantage. Pink blossoms grace the plant all summer long, with continued appeal into the fall with an excellent bronze foliage color!

Golden Baby's Breat
Baby’s Breath is a graceful, wispy little shrub with a very fine texture. The slender, wiry branches arch outward and nod downward, forming a twiggy, multi-stemmed mound that can reach up to 6 feet tall!Round clusters of small single white flowers appear all along bare branches on this spirea in the early spring and blue-green narrow leaves turn a yellow to soft reddish-brown in the fall, adding to the seasonal interest!

Magic Carpet
This is an exceptional low-growingshrub to brighten and fill in skimpy beds and borders. It’s guaranteed toadd zest to any foundation plantingscheme! In the spring, the leaf shoots emerge a vibrant red, maturing into rich bronze to light green, red-tipped foliage. Clusters of deep pink flowers cover the plant in the earlysummer

The bright yellow-green of the foliage makes this a stand-out shrub, especially for a mixed border! This dense, upright, moundedshrub has attractive bronze-tinged new growth in the spring that matures to a soft yellow-green and develops into a brilliant coppery orange in the fall. Rosy red flowersrise above the foliage in the summertime, creating a dynamic contrast. 

Candy Corn
The colorful show of this spirea starts in early spring, when the new growth emerges a bright candy apple red.As it matures, it turns yellow, and then more new growth continues to emerge bright orange all season long. Top it off with dark purple flowers in the late spring/early summer and you’ve got a display you really have to see to believe! This spirea is outstanding in mass plantings, low hedges, or as a border accent. 


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