PERENNIAL SERIES: Featuring Veronica!

June is Perennial Month!!

Remember that June is perennial month and you can enjoy these blooms all summer long!! Veronica, also commonly called Speedwell, is a carefree, easy-to-grow perennial with long spikes that come in a variety of different colors. They'redeer resistant and hardy summer bloomers that will bud up and bloom again if you trim them! These perennials are a staple in every garden and look especially amazing when planted in masses!

Veronicas at Bountiful Gardens

We many veronica perennials that you can see in the picture above, here at Bountiful Gardens! See below for the different varieties that we have in stock so you can get started enjoying their summer blooms, deer resistance, and vibrant color in your landscape!

Veronica Iongifolia 'Charlotte'

The elegant clean white, slender flower spikes give a tranquil feel to the landscape. Standing straight and tall, this beauty rises amid variegated deep green foliage, edged with a thin icy-white margin! Even when this veronica isn’t blooming, it’s adding a unique color and texture to your landscape! DEER RESISTANT. 

'Veronica' Very Van Gogh
more compact selection of the typical tall veronica, this perennial forms a bushy, upright clump of bright green leaves, bearing long, branching spikes of rosy-purpleflowers throughout most of the summer months! Its foliage may also take on some red tones in the fall,adding to seasonal interest. DEER RESISTANT. 

This Veronica brings intense violet color to the summer garden on fragrant, tapered spikes! Attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds,Purpleicious is over looked by other animals making it DEER AND RABBIT RESISTANT! This perennial has always added great vertical interest with elegant spires of color to any garden. 

Red Fox
Strong, compact spikes of stunning, deep rose color will punctuate any mixed perennial border with its bold, attractive color! A carefree, tidy plant with medium green, toothed, lance-shaped foliage! A proven performed in any average, well-drained soil! DEER RESISTANT. 

First Love
A compact Speedwell selection! This perennial forms a low mound of attractive, deep green foliage, bearingnumerous spikes of glowing fluorescent pink flowers that start in the early summer, continuing for weeks. An ideal border edge, in a container arrangement, or for rock gardens! DEER RESISTANT. 

Magic Show 'Enchanted Indigo'
Vivid royal purple flower wands are borne prolifically atop the compact,full mound of bright green foliage!This perennial often re-blooms again in the late summer and does an excellent job making a statement in borders and container arrangements!DEER RESISTANT. 

First Glory
Another compact Speedwell selection, ideal for near the border edge, in containers and the rock garden! The attractive, low mound of deep green foliage bears numerous spikes of dark royal blue flowers starting in early summer and continuing for weeks! 

Veronica 'Eveline'

Eveline is a beauty! Deep, dark foliage and deep dark flowers! You can depend on this veronica for adding an intense color of violet to your landscape and perennial borders. They add a great vertical interest with their elegant spikes of color! 


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